Friday, 10 February 2012

York | Shopping and Sightseeing

I was planning on doing this blog post on just the shopping part of the day, but seeing as how I didn't buy much I will tie it in with a little bit about the dungeons, and show you some pictures I took of the town (although, it was raining/sleeting all day and the pictures aren't great as a result)
Okay, so first we went to the York dungeons. My best friend (Lizzy) and I had been to the dungeons at Warwick, which is part of the same organisation (if you could call it that idk), so we kind of knew what to expect and was really excited. It was really good, although I got picked on so many times by the actors, including being on trial for shopping in Primark haha! 

 The city is so pretty! I have been before many times, but never really noticed how pretty it is. The pictures would have probably come out better if the weather wasn't so miserable! It literally rained/sleeted all day. :(
My best friend and I were actually so excited about H&M being in York (there isn't one in Lincoln and we rarely get to go other places shopping together). I bought this skirt, which is so pretty, I love black and white stripes at the moment. I am contemplating on whether to get different variations of this skirt from the H&M website but maybe I will wait until I go to Nottingham with Lizzy (hopefully next week). 

Also I got this top, which is shimmerier than it looks on the photo and it kind of drapes around the neck, it isn't really me but it was £1 and I thought it would do for a "family meal" or something in the spring/summer. :)
I also purchased some fruity earrings that Lizzy pointed out - which I instantly fell in love with. I used a picture of the H&M website because I couldn't get a good picture of them in artificial light.  
Over all I had a really good day, despite having to walk around wearing my skull and cross bone scarf as a head scarf (because of the rain). I must have looked like some weird rocker granny, as I was wearing my granny-esque oversized cardigan as well!

Thanks for reading :)xx

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