Sunday, 19 February 2012

Retro inspired outfit: Leopard print and cherries

 I am practically wearing the same make up as my last post

Okay, so I can't really do "full body shots" as 1. I don't have a place in my house where I could perch the camera + a suitable backdrop, nor am I going to ask someone to take pictures of me ~ awkward 2. I am quite a curvy lady, and I seem to look okay in the mirror, but a potato on camera. Anyway, I am wearing:
  1. Long sleeve plain black top from Primark - £3 (or something silly) 
  2. Mustard yellow chunky vintage cardigan (from the last time the vintage fair came to Lincoln) - £10
  3. Leopard print body con skirt from Primark - £4
  4. 2 pairs of plain black tights from Morrison’s - I don't know the price, my mum gets them for me haha!
  5. Black tassel loafers(?) from Matalan - something ridiculous like £2.57, in the sale.
  6. Cherry Necklace from Primark I think but it is so old I can't remember.
  7. 2 Rings from a ringset I bought in Primark recently for £2 for 4
Thanks for reading!


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