Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Retro inspired Valentines Day outfit ideas

I actually went shopping today and got a tonne of stuff, but I don't have the energy or the decent lighting to take photos of everything, so I shall do that tomorrow. Meanwhile I compiled a few valentines/spring outfits. :) Happy valentines day <3
Dress - I found it on google images, but apparently it was from Topshop.
Denim Jacket - Again found on google images (sorry)
 This isn't really a valentines day look strictly (none of them are I guess) I just saw a lot of this sort of style around the shops today, and I really love it. But I don't think it would suit me at all, 1. I am not the thinnest of girls, 2. I have red hair and red and pink often clash, 3. I haven't really worn anything like this before. 
Okay, so just to point out, that I would not spend this much on an outfit, especially for valentines day (I don't really believe in it too much), but I think these outfits are really gorgeous and cute. Also I know I only used 3 stores for these outfits but I really couldn't be bothered to go on loads of different websites (I am very tired after a full day of shopping and travelling haha). Hope you enjoyed :) Please tell me what you did for valentines day, or what you wore maybe (:
Thanks for reading <3

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