Friday, 30 March 2012

21 Questions

I was tagged in a 21 Questions tag by Lulu, which is very lucky as I can't think of anything good to blog about (read here) so here we go :)
Why did you start blogging?
I am always looking for new websites to publish my life on but the main reason I started this blog in particular is because I was inspired by certain Youtubers and Bloggers *cough, cough* Sprinkle of Glitter. So I decided to create a blog I guess.
What made you choose the name of your blog?
Well, I don't really think I have a decent name for my blog but my "screen name" was courtneyundead, on most things and I thought that would be completely irrelevant to what I was posting.
What 5 words describe you?
red, chubby, kitsch, thrifty, awkward
What is your favourite band?
I listen to so many oh no. Okay I'm gonna say Green Day because yes, I love them. But I go through phases of different bands.
If you could be a character in a book, who would you be?
I would be Aria from Pretty Little Liars.
What is your favourite accessory?
I like bandannas, a lot. However you can't beat good old kitsch jewellery, my favourite at the moment is my Topshop "Hello Sailor" necklace.
What is the beauty item you cannot live without?
Foundation. I have a huge complex about my skin. I am not particularly spotty, but my face is extremely red.
What is your favourite country?
Although I moan about it constantly, England, because I was born there and home is where the heart is!
What is your favourite shop?
Primark! Oh god typical answer. Yes, I know how cheap of me. I also really like Matalan which sounds like I am a middle age woman but I have got so many nice things from there.
What are your favourite foods?
PASTA, philadelphia, or cheese in general, bread! I also adore sweetcorn, it's perfect.
Who is your role model and why?
 I don't have a famous role model, I look up to my best friend Lizzy, I have no sisters or siblings so I guess I look up to her, how soppy! She is amazing though. I guess I look up to my teachers as well. I'm a geek.
What is your favourite perfume?
I can't really judge perfume as I haven't had too many. I've been wearing Daisy by Marc Jacobs for a few years now. I love the smell of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle because it reminds me of my mum. I have always loved Dior Hypnotic Poison, unfortunately we only have a small tester of that in the house right now :(
What product do you regret buying?
I can't think of a product, however I bought some second hand Doc Martens off eBay recently, I was so excited and they ripped my ankles to shreds when I wore them - gutted.
Do you do any sports?
Not exactly but I am learning to Scuba Dive if that counts.
What food would you not be able to live without?
Cheese or bread.
What clothes would you not be caught dead in?
What do you prefer, roast beef or chicken (unless you’re a vegetarian)?
Chicken omg it's so good. I love a good roast beef dinner though!
What is your favourite thing to do in the summer?
Spend time with my friends, FESTIVALS/GIGS, swim, wear pretty colours.
What is your favourite shade of lipstick?
Do you have any weird habits?
It's not weird but I bite my nails horrifically.
If you had £1000 what charity would you give it to and why?
I'm not sure on one in particular, but to a wild animal charity because they always get over looked.
I tag everyone who wants to do this :)

Blogger's Block

I seem to be having a little "writer's block" at the moment, which I have appropriately renamed "blogger's block" I don't know if anyone else gets this but I have no clue what to write about right now. However I will say I do have a few ideas circulating. I am probably going to do a March Favourites post, and hopefully do an April Wishlist.
I was also thinking, as I am redying my hair this week (finally) of doing a hair post and how I (attempt) to preserve my colour. As everyone know's red is the hardest colour to keep and I get a lot of people asking me how I keep it, so maybe I will write some tips down for you all, or at least things that I do.
I have a 2 weeks off now from school, however I will probably be revising like crazy for my exams in May, so we will see how it goes.

Here's my face:

Monday, 26 March 2012

Current skincare routine + product reviews

I decided at the start of the year that I would actually start to look after my skin and get into some sort of routine, and I am doing okay (well I think).
I have always been dubious about putting products such as cleansers and creams on my face as I have very sensitive skin due to having mild Keratosis Pilaris (look it up, it is very common). Luckily, I don't have KP on my legs like some people but on on the other hand I do have it on my face and backs of my arms which sucks. So anyway, if I put anything on my skin that is too harsh it will flare up and my skin ends up a burgundy colour (no exaggeration). So as I was saying, I decided to try a few products because I thought that, although there is no cure for KP, there would surely be some cleanser out there that my skin doesn't throw a hissy fit at!

I'm going to start with what I do with my face morning and night and then include mini reviews of the products.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Collective Haul: Preparing for Summer!

This is a day or so late, but oh well!

I thought I would show you some of my recent purchases that I have bought over the past 2-3 weeks. Most of the things I have been buying have been Mother's Day presents and my best friend's birthday presents, so obviously I won't show those!
 2 Pack of Skull Head Scarves - £2.50 - Primark
I have had a skull scarf for ages now as my nan bought me one like 3 Christmas' ago, but they seem to be all the rage now and when I was browsing in Primark I came across these gorgeous headscarves, 2 for £2.50! I have got quite a lot of wear out of them over the past week because I am trying to keep my hair in good condition and not use heat, so I have had a lot of messy bun days and headscarves/bandannas are perfect for hiding my icky roots as well.

Polka Dot Sunglasses - £1 - Primark
I also picked up these sunglasses for £1, I decided this year that I should invest in a pair because I never really wear them and I should because I find the sun really irritating. I haven't worn these yet but hopefully in the coming months I will.

Leopard Print Jacket - £10 (sale) - International
I didn't buy this straight away, in fact I went back and bought it on a different day. It was on sale for £10 in International. I didn't like it that much at first but it grew on me and I really regretted not buying it. Luckily when I went back they still had a few in my size! It's not too thick either, so I will be able to wear it this spring, oh and of course, it's leopard print so that's a bonus too!
Zebra Print Bag - £12 (sale) - International
My favourite purchase is this bag! I've been waiting for this to come down for ages! It was still a little high (for me anyway) at £12, but I treated myself. I love it.

Playsuits (from left) - £7 and £5 - Primark
I bought these lovlies for summer! One of them is intended for beach wear but I don't really care, I'll probably wear them with tights and cardigans when it gets a little warmer! These playsuits remind me of last years/this years Primark £5 summer dresses last year, I had quite a few I practically lived in them! The blue and red one was £7 and the sunflower one was £5. I prefer the blue and red one  because it's really 50's I think, however I prefer the sunflower one on my body because it's not such a clingy material.

Vita Liberata Tanning set- £10 (sale) - Boots
Me and my mum found this set of Vita Liberata Tanning Products(?) in the sale at Boots, so we decided to go halves. The set came in a black wash bag and includes Body Lotion, Body Polish, Tinted Self Tan, Shimmer Body Tint and a mitt. I have never heard of this brand but then again I'm not an avid fake tan person. I haven't used any of them yet because I am very pale and I think it would look weird if I had tanned legs and the rest of me was severely pale. I may do a review on them at some point when I pluck up the courage to use them, I will say though that my mum has tried them and with her having darker skin to me (years of gradual tanner), they looked really nice. 
 Thank you for reading, sorry for not being regular with my posts but A-levels are very demanding at the moment, and probably will be till late May :(

Monday, 19 March 2012

New Look: Maxi Dresses?

I am so excited for summer this year it's unbelievable. Last year you would have never have got me into a maxi dress! However there are some gorgeous ones around in stores right now and I was contemplating buying one yesterday as a walked round New Look with my Mother! Here are my two favourite in New Look at the moment. 

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Retro inspired outfit: Nice 'N Sleazy

My mother and I went shopping today and then for a nice meal, I wore this into town and I wore something different for the meal, but I preferred this outfit so I will show you this one. I didn't have the time or the camera battery life to actually take pictures, so this will have to do! I am planning on showing you what I bought in blog post in the next few days. Anyway, here we go:

It's kind of a mixed outfit I know, I would have worn boots but I have huge blisters at the moment and these are the only comfy shoes. Also, I obviously don't have an actual Alexander McQueen scarf, but I couldn't find the Peacocks one that I have had for years, and they are very similar!

Also, I hit 100 followers! Thank you to everyone, I really appreciate it, I never expected this at all :)) 

Friday, 16 March 2012

Gig review: The Stranglers @ Lincoln Engine Shed

I apologise for, yet another music related post. I feel bad because I did make this blog for solely beauty related things. Anyway. I went to see The Stranglers last night at Lincoln Engine Shed. This was the second time I've seen them and they were equally amazing both times. I think I was the youngest there, which sucks and I saw these 40+ blokes looking over at me and laughing which also sucks. 
Anyway, here are the 3 best photos I took of the night - they aren't that special.

 Even though this is blurred, I really like this photo and it makes me laugh.

I didn't any good pictures of the rest of the band and I didn't actually take many photos, which is so unlike me. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

OOTN: Golden brown, finer temptress.

I'm going to see the Stranglers for the second time on Thursday and I'm very excited! I had no clue what to wear as this time the gig is actually in my city, so there might actually be people there I know (which suckkks). So this is what I plan to wear. 

The dress in the picture is slightly different to the one I have, mine has longer sleeves and 'gold button detail'. And obviously my docs are a bit more scruffy that those on the picture, because they were second hand! 

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Glossy Box | March - Harrods Edition

 I was very excited for this box as it was the Harrods box! My German teacher has told me about how amazingly expensive it is, so I was looking forward to receiving some nice things!
 The box was white, and it had a Harrods ribbon instead of the normal one, and it also had a little Harrods sticker. :)
 Here is what I received ^
Versace - Vanitas Versace Eau De Parfum
Lancome - Juicy Tube - Toffee R'N'B 93
Clarins - Extra-Firming Body Cream
Bliss-Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter
Revive - Intensite Creme Lustre SPF30.

Monday, 12 March 2012

11 Questions Tag

I have been tagged in the 11 Questions tag twice by Fern Rhiannon  and MissMollie so instead of doing 2 blog posts I thought I would condense them down to 1. :)

Here are the rules:
1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves on their blog
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create eleven questions for the people you tag to answer
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. No tag backs
6. You legitimately have to tag

11 facts about me.
1. I always struggle to think of specific facts about myself. ;)
2. I bite my nails terribly.
3. I like to do my hair and make up in my underwear.
4. The first thing I do (after peeing) in the mornings is wash my face - I can't function properly without doing this.
5. I have to say goodnight to everyone in the house before I go to sleep, I usually text my boyfriend it too, out of habit and it feels wrong if I don't.
6. I can't just leave my hair to dry, because it would never dry.
7. My favourite foods are bread, cheese and pasta - the reason I am chubby.
8. My favourite event/holiday is Halloween. 
9. My least favourite colour is fuscia.
10. I have a new found desire to go to Disney Land.
11. When I am old enough (like next year) I want to go on a European Tour thingy.

11 Questions from Mollie.
1. What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?
Okay I am going to cheat and name 2.
My first is my yellow/mustard colour vintage cardigan that I got for £10, I am choosing this because I wear it a lot and I think it is great quality for how cheap I got it for.
My second would have to be my Hell Bunny "Vanda" dress, which is blue with white polka dots, I rarely get to wear this and it was £40, eeep. But it's soo pretty.
2. What has been your favourite year and why?
Last year. 2011. It was great really, although I wouldn't have thought that back then. I had a great circle of friends, I had a great boyfriend, it was so much better than this year. Another year I would also say would be 2010, the year I got with my boyfriend and the year I saw Prodigy with my best friend, we also had very few exams. 
3. Who is your number one role model?
I don't have a set role model and I never have really. I look up to my best friend (seems silly, as she is only a few months older), and I look up to my parents I guess. I don't have any siblings so this is probably why I look up to Lizzy. I would say that Hayley Williams is a great roll model, she doesn't drink or smoke, and yes there is "that" picture but I don't see that as that bad. I also look up to a lot of my teachers. 
4. What are your top three favourite films?
In no particular order
1. The Dark Knight
2. Grease
3. Tenacious D Pick of Destiny
I know these aren't "powerful films" or whatever, but I like the so yea.
5. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
15. Although some of those are work shoes. I think that is a lot to be honest, but then I compare it to my mums "collection" and it's really small. I'm not much of a "shoe" person.
6. What is your dream job?
I would love to own my own magazine and I think I always have done, I used to make magazines when I was little cutting out pictures from old magazines and sticking them on a sheet of paper! I would also love to own my own shop/business type thing, something to do with clothes. However I will hopefully end up being a teacher, it's safer and it pays well, and that's where I am aiming at the moment.
7. What is one word you would use to describe your style?
I don't know without sounding cliche.. Different?
8. What colour is your bedroom?
Omg, SO many different colours, I hate it. Basically I had a lilac and pink room (groovy chic phase), then I changed it to Black and White, but still left some pink in, then recently I bought a few leopard print things, a throw and a storage box. I also have band posters covering my hideously yellow-ish wallpaper. BUT I am hoping to redecorate this year, I have decided on black and white mainly, with hints (like cushions or little changeable details) of teal OR pink.  
9. Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?
Tea! But I do love a good coffee. I also like hot chocolate (with baileys).
10. What is your favourite picture and why? Put it in the blog post if you can!
By favourite picture, I hope you mean a personal one. I have 1 that is of me and my best friend, however I don't think she would allow me to put it on the Internet due to her hair being back. It was the days of going into shops, trying on expensive dresses and taking pictures! I think it's actually a really nice picture of us both and I still have it in my bedroom from years ago.
A (kind of) recent favourite is this one of me and my boyfriend, I just think we both look naturally happy and I just really like it. 

11. Describe a memory of you and a parent.
The first time me and my dad went to Leeds festival in 2009. We had been stood alllll day, because we'd never been before so we just walked round all the tents all day and didn't sit down once! By the time it had finished and we'd walked the long walk back to the van we were both in agony, and then when we sat down on the edge of the boot and it was magical! This sounds so silly but yeah.

1. If you could go any place in the world where would it be?
Probably America, but I do want to go to other places as well..
2.What make-up item could you not live without?
Foundation. I hate the skin on my face, it is so red. If I just had foundation on I would be fine. A lot of people say eyeliner, or mascara, but if I wore eyeliner/mascara without foundation I would be so conscious.
3.What made you start your blog?
I had been wanting to make one for a while, I had been an avid fan of YouTube tutorials and beauty 'gurus' and part of me wanted to do that, however I could not bare to film myself, I would rather write about stuff because it's less cringey.
4.Have you ever been to LUSH and what's your favourite item there?
YES, it is one of my favourite shops, however I never really buy anything for myself, I always buy gifts for people. I always just go in there and smell all the stuff! My boyfriend bought me a Lush Gift set for Christmas which I am currently rationing. Anyway, my favourite item is probably either the Honey I Washed the Kids Soap or the You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt ( both smell divine).
5.Who's your celebrity crush?
I wouldn't call it a crush really, but it has to be said that I could look at Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day, all. bloody. day. Hayley Williams is also perfect, and some Rou Reynolds is pretty nice :3
6.What's your favourite perfume?
I wear Daisy by Marc Jacobs, but I haven't had many perfumes in the past so I don't know if it is my favourite!
7.Where is your favourite place to shop?
Primark, because I am a cheap bitch and I feel happy I can pick something up and it wont be that expensive. Asda is always good for clothes ~ I don't even care what people thing. OH I forgot to mention Matalan. There is such a common misconception about Matalan, but I would like to say that some of my favourite pieces of clothing are from there!
8.If you had to pick one make-up item to use forever what would it be?
Stargazer Eyeliner in Black ~ the make up item I am most if not 100% happy with.
9.What is your dream job?
I would love to own my own magazine and I think I always have done, I used to make magazines when I was little cutting out pictures from old magazines and sticking them on a sheet of paper! I would also love to own my own shop/business type thing, something to do with clothes. However I will hopefully end up being a teacher, it's safer and it pays well, and that's where I am aiming at the moment.  
is your favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe?
Okay I am going to cheat and name 2.
My first is my yellow/mustard colour vintage cardigan that I got for £10, I am choosing this because I wear it alot and I think it is great quality for how cheap I got it for.
My second would have to be my Hell Bunny "Vanda" dress, which is blue with white polka dots, I rarely get to wear this and it was £40, eeep. But it's soo pretty.
11.What's your favourite tv show?
DOCTOR WHO! Ahh, but it's kind of gone downhill. I don't watch that much TV. I love anything Gok Wan, and my best friend and I always look forward to Waterloo Road!
 You can't beat a bit of BFGW ;).

My questions, I tried to do it beauty/clothing themed, because that's the theme of my blog.
1. What is your favourite place to shop?
2. Do you have a 'getting ready ritual/routine' and if so, what is it?
3. What is your most expensive purchase?
4. What is your least expensive purchase?

5. What makeup item is most important to you?
6. What is your favourite item of clothing?
7. Do you have a favourite brand of makeup?
 8. What is your favourite colour to wear?
9. What item of clothing is your most recently purchased?
10. What makeup item did you most recently purchase?
11. If you had one chance to buy any beauty product, no matter the price, what would it be?

11 people I tag are:

Boho Vanity
Bunnys Beauty Blog xo
 Sophh Elizabeth
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Lucy Loves...
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Haul: London + Dr Martens

I went to London at the weekend. It was mainly for going to the Imperial War Museum, but I took advantage of the hour and a half free time and went shopping with my best friend. We didn't go to Oxford Street or whatever (one day baby, one day.) and I can't remember the road we went to but it was the one with H&M and Urban Outfitters if that helps? I have no concept of London, yesterday being my first time.
I unfortunately, didn't take my camera, as my mother decided to scare me saying "you'll get mugged, you'll get pick pocketed". I did see most of the sights though briefly as we drove around. 

On to the shopping..

Skirt - £10 - Topshop.
 We went to Urban outfitters first and they had these gorgeous crushed velvet skirts but they were on sale and still £20, so I didn't purchase, however we went into New Look and this gold crushed velvet skirt was on sale for £10. It's a size too small for me, but it seems to fit okay, I plan to wear it with this top for Mother's day.

 Earrings - £4 - Topshop.
I also got these earrings from Topshop. I've been wanting some 'dangly' crosses for ages, and these looked cute so yeah. :)

We also went to H&M, but annoyingly I couldn't find anything that I really liked. 

Okay these are not from London, but instead of writing another post I thought I would combine the two. I won these for £17 +£5 p+p off of eBay, I'm so pleased with them and I love them already. P.S ignore how awful I look, I didn't have time to wash my hair before school and my lipstick has worn off etc etc.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Belated February Favourites!

This is so belated, but I have been working a lot recently, and I have also lacked motivation ~ I'm sorry! 

Okay, so I know most people's favourites of the month type posts are of all things glamorous and quite expensive. So I apologise if you were expecting loads of Benefit mascaras and MAC primers, but I just do not own those sorts of products. 
I wanted to do an honest post about the products I have been using and loving.

1. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream for Stretch Marks.
Okay, I will openly admit, I have quite a few stretch marks. I used to use bio-oil, but it got quite expensive and I didn't really mind having them anyway, I still don't mind having them now for majority of the time. I saw this and it was a fraction of the price of bio-oil so yeah. The only thing that really annoys me about this product is the fact it has a pregnant woman on the front, and it is directly aimed to pregnant women. I would just like to point out YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE PREGNANT TO HAVE/GET STRETCH MARKS. Quite a lot of girls get them when going through puberty, so I think having a stretch mark cream directed only at pregnant women is wrong, and I have to admit I was hoping the woman who served me when I bought this didn't think I was "up the duff" in colloquial terms.
Anyway, back to the product itself. Unfortunately I haven't seen any improvements in my stretch marks, however that could be due to the fact I haven't been using it morning and night like instructed. It does feel wonderful on the skin, and sinks in really well (which I found bio-oil didn't, I always hated putting it on because it is, well, an oil..). It has a nice smell and I have even started putting it in places I don't have stretch marks because it feels so nice. :)

2. Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation.
I have been using this for around a month now, and I love it. I did a review-thing here.

3. Herbal Essences Ignite My Colour Shampoo and Conditioner.
I also did a post about them here.

4. Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm.
I love this. I have always had dry lips, and using Lipcote has worsened this. I used to think I had a really good lip balm but then I found this in my make up drawer and started to use it again, IT IS AMAZING. Anyway, I am sure you all know already. I love Nivea, I recently bought a few of their cleansing/toning/moisturising products, so I will hopefully write a post about those, in a few weeks. 

5. Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion.
I am also a big fan of Dove, I sound like a middle age woman now but they have the right idea anyway! I almost always get at least one Dove gift set for Christmas, and I love the giant moisturisers. I have really sensitive skin and even after I have shaved my legs, within a few minutes the bumps will start to appear! So usually I get out of the shower and lather them in this, and it works.  

6. Batiste Dry Shampoo - Original.
I think this is one of my all time favourites, ever. I have to be a bit careful with it now I have red hair, but I swear if you want to keep your colour, you're going to have to skip a few washes I am afraid, and this baby is so great! The only thing that p*ssed me off about this product is it used to be £1 a bottle, and then they changed the packaging and brought out other lines, and now its £2.99 a bottle! I have to be very careful now how much I use, but sometimes when my hair feels 'too clean' I spray a little bit in the roots to liven things up. Overall, I actually can't express my love this product, it's just my live line. P.S Dear Batiste, you made one for brown hair, please can you make one for red hair? xx

Hope you enjoyed my first favourites post, sorry if it was a bit too budget!

Thanks for reading :) 

Monday, 5 March 2012

George @ Asda Haul

I thought I would show you what I bought on my mini-shopping trip yesterday, I didn't spend much (honest!).
 There are so many lovely clothes in Asda at the moment, I originally picked up LOADS and it was quite awkward as I looked like a greedy bitch, but I wasn't actually planning on buying it all, I usually do that and only pick the best ones out! Plus most of the size 16's had already gone, so I was having to pick up 14's and 18's of the same item!

Anyway so I eventually got round to the sale rack, I always look at the whole rack, not just the section of my size. I ended up finding this lovely top, but it was a size 24 and it fits me perfectly as a dress! I apologise if you are a size 24 because I know how annoyed I get when people say that they buy 16-18's and wear them as dresses ~ so unfair. But anyway this was £5 and I love it. It has a peter pan collar too but you can't see it.

I also picked up this lovely top on sale, it is in the same royal blue colour as the dress (doesn't show up well on my webcam). This was £6, and I think I might keep it in my wardrobe for a nice family meal occasion or something (however I have loads of clothes for those occasions). P.s ignore my awkward hand. 

I also just want to show you this amazingly beautiful wrapping paper, I have a thing with buying wrapping paper, I have red polka dots, blue gingham and now this one! I don't even have that many friends who I actually buy presents for but hey, it's pretty. Oh I forgot to mention that it has flock on it! It's gorgeous!

I did buy other things, but they were presents for my best friend, it's her birthday soon, and yeah I get a bit excited!

Versatile Blogger Award #2

Yay I was awarded my second award the other day by the lovely Claire from poochytails and Dipsy_Donz from Love.Make up. Fashion. Life! So please visit their blogs, they're great!

I would just like to say a thank you so much to them both, for awarding me this, I must be doing something right, and I'm glad that someone enjoys my ramblings!

If you receive this award there are certain rules you have to follow which are:

  • Thank the person who sends you the award and add a link to their blog in your post
  • Write 7 random things about yourself
  • Give the award to 15 other bloggers you love and tell them about it!
  • Post the Versatile Blogger Award Picture to your blog

I apologise if some of the facts are the same as before!

1. I am currently in my first year of sixth form and I study History, German, Chemistry and Biology.
2. My favourite bands of all time include Green Day, Slipknot, Enter Shikari and Pendulum
3. My natural hair colour is blonde, but I have had it red for over a year now.
4. I have an amazing bestfriend called Lizzy
5. My favoutite colours are black and red.
6. I am going to Download Festival this year with said best friend ~so much craze~
7. I love anything vintage/retro, especially the 40's and 50's!

It took me so long to choose you all! I basically chose on a basis if people posted 1. Things I liked
2. Things I could afford (as much as I love reading about MAC, it makes me feel poor.)
3. If you generally have a lovely blog 

Thanks again to Claire and Dipsy_Donz! 

'Procrastinating' :)

  Hi, so I thought I would just make a quick post because my class got canceled so I am home for the afternoon, and I joked with my bestfriend at how we would probably both take pictures of ourselves when we got in instead of doing work ~ procrastinating (I know what that means now so I can finally use it).
So here it is, I look a bit of an idiot because I actually had my hair in a "top knot" today and I back combed it all and it was VERY windy, then I decided to brush it all out just for this photo ~ how vain.

Anyway I will use this time to actually tell you posts that I have been planning to do but haven't got round to them

February Favourites
March Wishlist(?)
Post about recent purchases
Post about Download Festival (so excited)
Award post

Hopefully I will get a couple of these done tonight, after I draft my German oral and write a history essay, but at the same time I don't want to bombard you with the tales of Courtney Farrow and her boring life.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Retro inspired outfit and makeup: Birds and the Bees!

No, this post is not about sex, nor is it about bees, but I have birds on my top so yeah.
This was my outfit for yesterday technically. I went to a silly Oxford/Cambridge university talk, which was horrible, but that is a different story.
 I am so annoyed with myself, I deleted the picture I was going to use to show you my make up in more depth, so this one will have to do ~ I look really vain in this one too (I'm not!)
I kept my makeup simple;
 Stargazer Liquid Eyeliner in Black
MUA Heaven and Earth Palette
Maybelline Colossal Mascara in Black
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair 
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Translucent
MUA Blush in
Shade 3
Rimmel Professional Eye Brow Pencil in Dark Brown

 I really wasn't sure how the weather was going to be, one of the perks of living in England! So I decided to wear lots of layers that I could put on/take off. I've been doing this a lot for sixth form recently.
Black Vest Top - Primark
Top - Primark - £8
Ring - Primark - £2 for 4.
I was also wearing
Bodycon Skirt - Newlook £17.99
Tights - Morrisons?
 I wore this over the top.
Scarf - Vintage - 33.33333333p! (or 3 for £1)

 (from left, close up of my top, earrings and nail varnish!)
Earrings - Bought as a Present - Primark?
Nail Varnish - Collection 2000 in 249.
The bird top is probably one of my favourites, however it has never fitted me because there was only 1 size left and that was a 14, boo. I hate being chubby lol. Can you tell I am excited for spring and summer?! Who else is excited for the warmer weather and wearing cute pastel colours and just generally being warm?

Thanks for reading!

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