Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Office Leopard Print Pony Heels

I must stop buying things. I found these on the Office website on sale for £20, so I couldn't really pass up this opportunity; leopard print, reasonable heel and on sale!

Leopard Heels - £20 (on sale) - Office


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Velvet, fur and glitter - is it winter yet?

So I thought I would do a mini haul about recent purchases seeing as it's ages since I've done one! (also testing the "Schedule" thing on here as I am actually at work rn, I wrote this this morning mwahahah)

This Saturday was the first one I've had off for a while so I thought I'd spend my evening doing some online shopping!

Black Velvet Skater Dress - £12.99 - New Look
Originally (a week or so ago) I was planning on purchasing this dress because it's so simple but also very pretty and winter-y - however when I came to buy it the next day it had vanished and I later found out it was sold out - which absolutely sucks.

Black Velvet/Mesh Skater Dress - £6.00 (on sale) - New Look
However, whilst browsing the New Look website (again) last night I discovered this beauty! and to make it better it was one SALE! - I actually ordered 2, 1 in my size and 1 in the size bigger because it's velvet and that can be temperamental for curvy ladies! (Obviously I will return the one that doesn't fit)

Black Faux Fur Coat - £49.99 - New Look
I have been wanting a new fur coat for ages now and I always looked at the animal print ones rather than the plain ones but I saw this last night and it took me a good few hours to make a decision and swallow my thriftiness. I think £50 isn't actually that bad for a coat, especially one as gorgeous as this.

Silver Studded Loafers - £24.99 - TK Maxx
If you follow me on twitter or instagram you may have already seen these but I really wanted to put them in this post because they are so sparkly and winter-y! I was actually looking for some new boots when I saw the size 10 version of these and instantly fell in love at the same time as realising they were 2x my size! I then carried on round the isles and found the same pair - IN MY SIZE - it was meant to be?

Is anyone else excited for all things sparkly and glamorous this winter? xxx

Life | Hull University!

So yesterday I went to the University of Hull open day and I absolutely loved it! 

If you didn't know already, I am hoping to do a History degree and then after going into teaching or journalism. 
The University has 2 courses which I would love to do; History (as a single Honor's) and History with Social History. I really love the fact they offer so much choice and flexibility and have such a diverse range of topics - which is important for me as I don't feel I can decide on one specific era or period of time.

Another thing is that they also have a good reputation for languages. I am hoping, wherever I end up studying, to carry on learning German and maybe re-learn French or even pick up a new language.

I also loved that the grades they require from you are achievable (most of the History courses I looked at were AAA or AAB - which is just not going to happen) and also that they look at you as a person and not just the 3 letters you produce.

So fingers crossed eh?

Are any of you applying to University this year? Any tips from those who have been through the application process and survived? 


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

New Look Shoes!

Today's post is about shoes! It's strange because I have never been a major fan of shoes but this year - with the help of Lizzy - I have fell more and more in love. I want all of them.
New Look is always a good place for shoes so I thought I would take a break from my history work to look at there website and here are my favourites!
1. Iron Fist Love Satin Tattoo Rose Shoes - £42.99 now £22.99
These are just perfect but unfortunately they do not have my size on the website. But just look at them!
2. Leopard Print Lace Up Brogue Creepers - £19.99

3. Blink Tapestry Slipper Shoes - £39.99
These are so different, I just think they're amazing even though I probably wouldn't have anything to go with them.

4. Rocket Dog Red Lift Off Velvet Wedges - £54.99
I'm really 'into' velvet/flock at the moment so yeah these are gorgeous and would go with quite a few of my outfits.

5. Shellys Beatnik Fruit Loafers - £56.99 now £34.00
If you are a follower of my blog/instagram/twitter/tumblr etc, you'll definitely know that I love anything fruity! I am not so keen on the beige/nude, but a fruity loafer? Who'd have thunk it?!

6. Steve Madden Leopard Print Pammy Wedges - £84.99
Well, they're leopard print so, pretty self explanatory.

What's your favourite place for shoes? I also like matalan as I think you can get the same or better quality as the high street at better price!


I'm increasingly more and more inspired by autumn and Halloween! Dark lips, dark clothes, fur (faux of course), lace, velvet, deep reds, purples - the list goes on! 

I said in a previous post that I would do some Halloween style makeup tutorials/how tos - but it's just finding the time (and a day that I don't have to leave the house at all!). However I am still planning on doing at least 1! :)

In the meantime I thought I'd leave you with a little taster of my new favorite lip colour;

Yes, it's still a red colour - well what were you expecting really? :)


Okay so who else is over excited for halloween?

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