Friday, 22 May 2015

Hull's Assemble Fest and The Cautionary Tale of Horrid Ham Carver

Assemble Fest will be taking over the Newland area for the second time this May bank and it looks like we're all in for a great weekend! The festival is all about celebrating the local businesses of Newland Avenue through theatre. As I live and work in the local area (TheHull Pie2 – which of course is Newland's finest takeaway), I am particularly excited for the show that is about Pies - The Cautionary Tale Of Horrid Ham Carver. The show takes place behind Pie in The Rosebery Gardens and promises to be a 'a contemporary twist on [the] gruesome Dickens classic'. Also across the weekend we'll get to see buskers, magicians, puppet shows and even get our faces painted! So why not pop along, grab a Pie and enjoy the show!

The Cautionary Tale of the Horrid Ham Carver takes place on Saturday 23 May 2015. 1:15pm*, 2:45pm, 4:15pm, 5:45pm, 7:15pm (*part of Happy Hour - first come, first served, pay what you feel)
TICKETS: £3.00 on the day, available from the box office inside the Community Church. PLEASE NOTE: Age suitability 12+

There are also a whole range of other shows from theatres: Bellow TheatrePinUpRoundThe Roaring GirlsSilent Uproar, and Open Umbrella in association with Apus Productions.

Photos courtesy of Jerome Whittingham

Photos courtesy of Jerome Whittingham

Photos courtesy of Jerome Whittingham
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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Student | 5 Simple Revision Tips

1. Start early (but don’t panic if you haven’t)

It’s the middle of May and my first point is to start revising early, not much help telling you that now is it! However well done you if you did start revising early. Nevertheless I could not leave it off of my list as long-term revision is so much more effective than short term revision. Here’s why:

Consider your brain to be a computer with lots of files. If you look over a topic once, it is going to be put into a ‘short-term’ memory file, along with things like what you’re having for tea and what knickers you are wearing. Can you remember what you had for tea on the 12th of February? No, just like you won’t be able to remember what the Golgi apparatus is if you read it once. If you re-revise things over a period of time the information will get transferred into the ‘long-term memory file’ and you’ll remember it in your exam and years to come (which is what education is about really).

2. Buy new stationary.

Buying new, pretty stationary always motivates me to start revising! Surely I am not the only one? Here are some of my favourite places to buy:

Sass and Belle and Paperchase, for exeptionally pretty stationary  Amazon - next day delivery for students and post on Sundays!B&M and most other discount stores for cheap and fun stationary.

3. Revise more than one subject per day.

If you have more than one exam then it is definitely a good idea to split your days up by revising more than one subject or topic. If you spend a whole day revising one topic you're bound to get bored and as soon as that happens nothing is going to sink in. Mix it up and keep it fresh.

4. Focus.

Revise notes as a whole first but then focus in on questions using past papers. Usually similar questions come up year after year so using past papers is a great way to get to know the paper. In saying this don't rely completely on past papers and try to think originally too.

5. Sleep.

Make sure you get lots of rest. I know it's hard when you have a lot of things going on but trust me the right amount of sleep works wonders for your brain. Also just doing something other than revising whether it be by spending time with friends or just sleeping will help take your mind off of things and refresh your brain.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Hope and Glory Co. Coffee Cupping Event

Hope and Glory Coffee Co is a North Lincolnshire coffee company set up by "coffee lovers for coffee lovers" and I was lucky enough to attend their 'Coffee Cupping' Launch night on the 22nd of April. A strange time to 'get caffeinated' for most but I love coffee so I was super excited! The night included a lot of interesting filtering demonstrations (involving a French Press, Kalita, Aeropress and Syphon) by their 'Taster', Kieran and of course we got to judge the end result! Then we were shown a coffee roasting demonstration by 'Q Grader' Rebekah! Who knew coffee was so scientific and technical? 

At the moment you can get coffee beans and ground coffee from Columbia, Peru and Ethiopia to name a few at an affordable price on their website. To see more of Hope and Glory please visit their website They also have a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram page! 


One of the many coffee filtering demonstrations!

Before and after roasting.

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