Friday, 30 May 2014

Top Items in H&M's Summer Range (all under £24.99)

Despite the awful not so summery weather the summery, floaty and bright coloured clothes keep fllooding into stores which makes me wish I was going on a summer holiday. Instead of getting out in the sun (I would if there was any), I chose to sit at my desk and look through H&M's new summer arrivals and pick out my favourite just for you! All items are under £24.99 which is great if you're like me and on a budget. My favourite piece I picked out is probably the mint skirt however I do love the watermelon crop top. The white dress reminds me of Kate Bush in her Wuthering Heights video but I actually think it is so lovely and floaty for a hot summers day or a garden party.

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Charity Shop Haul | Clothes and Homeware

If you've ever had the pleasure of visiting the village of Cottingham, you'll know that there are two types of people who reside there: the elderly and students. I think this is why there are so many Charity Shops - but I'm not complaining as I have found some really great bits and bobs in this second-hand heaven. These are some of the bits and bobs that I have picked up in the past month or so.

Friday, 23 May 2014

McBusted @ Manchester Phones4U

Finally, exams are over and now I can relax a bit from University work and get my McBusted posts up. I recently went to see McBusted at the Manchester Phones4U arena and they were bloody brilliant to say the least. The whole thing was Back To The Future themed which seeing as that is one of my favourite films, if not my favourite, this was super exciting for me! There was a DeLorean, a spaceship as well as a flaming McBusted sign and Matt Willis in a wedding dress! 

I'm not gonna lie it was a bit weird hearing McFly singing Busted songs but after the first song Air Hostess was over you kind of got used to it. Whatsmore, I have never been a huge McFly fan and really just bought tickets to see Busted, but after this show I am a fully fledged McFly fan too. At times it certainly felt like McFly + two of their friends which was quite cute.  That was the great thing about it though, as they all got on great and had such good chemistry (or rather banter I guess).

But without further ado I'll let you have a gander at my pictures!



"My Heart Will Go On.."

What I go to School For!

Triple-breasted women!

Matt in a wedding dress has got to be the highlight?

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hull Fashion Week - Meeting the Bloggers

This is my final installment from Hull Fashion Week Finale and I thought I'd finish the series of posts of with some pictures from the day as well as the lovely bloggers I met there. The day was overall a brilliant day and I got, for the first time, to meet fellow bloggers and found out some of them live so close to me in both Lincolnshire and Yorkshire! There was amazing stalls and boutiques (which I posted about here) and an amazing photobooth that Kate from Pieces Of Kate, Lucy from Lucy Jane Webb and I took full advantage of! We had our own table which was really cool and it was strange to feel 'comfortable' about blogging because of the lanyards we had - normally I get embarrassed if I'm 'instagramming', tweeting or taking photos for my blog in public. I also treated myself to a lovely tshirt from Thieving Harry's and got some lovely samples from the women at Tigi.  

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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Hull Fashion Week | The Top Outfits

 I thought I would do a post on my favourite outfits from the Hull Fashion Week Finale Catwalks! It was so hard to choose from as their were so many lovely clothes but I managed to narrow it down to 6.

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As mentioned in my last post on Hull Fashion Week, this was my favourite outfit from the slot that I had to cover. I love the 1960's retro feel to this outfit, it reminds me of a coat I saw at the York Castle Sixties Exhibition which I posted about here. It's so summery and something you could definitely wear this summer. 
The second outfit I've chosen is also one from my slot. It's such a simple but effective outfit using monochrome which I think is in this season (it's in every season!). I don't normally love hats however I think this model pulls the look off great. Also I HAVE THAT AMAZING TSHIRT! 

If you know me you know I have a thing for polka dots so naturally I fell in love with this polka dot summer dress with lace trim. I feel this dress would be perfect for a summer's day picnic or walk in the park, who's with me?

I think this is a really great 'festival type' look that is really proving popular. I love the floral dress and the clash of colour with the red denim jacket. Also the jacket has tartan detail which I am always a bit partial to!

If my memory serves me right this was a rework piece, I think it is a bit short however it would be great on a hot summers day the lace and the floral and the dusky pink are so pretty!

The last outfit I have chosen is this brilliant casual vintage look, again a great summer outfit and looks effortless but still lovely. 

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