Monday, 5 May 2014

Hull Fashion Week, Boutiques and Pop-Up Stalls

So the first instalment of Hull Fashion Week is a little glimpse of all the boutiques and pop-up stalls that were inside and outside of Hull City Hull on Saturday. There were so many cute stalls from independent stalls like Beasley's and The Magpies Den to chain stalls like NO.7 and The Lush all offering their unique goods to passers by. More posts up in the week, including my favourite outfits from the day + the post I wrote for Hull Fashion Week!


Stalls inside Hull City Hall, some of the bloggers speak to No7 

Chinese Laundry

Tigi's Colour Originals 

The Lush

Face masks galore at the Lush pop-up stall 

Plenty of vintage and second hand clothing at the outdoor pop-up stalls
Outdoor Stalls

Lovely vintage bags 

Unique to Hull Fashion 

 Unfortunately I did not have much chance to go shopping as I spent majority of the day at the Blogger's Hub however I did manage to buy this amazing T-Shirt from Thieving Harry's that has since made all my flatmates jealous! 


  1. Hi Courtney!

    So nice to meet you on the day at the Bloggers Hub, love all the pics!

    Curling Stones for Lego People

  2. That shirt is beyond cute. Looks like such a thriving blog/fashion scene in Hull, I've only visited a few times sadly, though I recall an awesome Starbucks near the bridge with a view over the river.

    Is the shopping very good there?

    x Claire

  3. Lush!!! I love their products! Nice photos Courtney!


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