Thursday, 8 May 2014

Hull Fashion Week | The Top Outfits

 I thought I would do a post on my favourite outfits from the Hull Fashion Week Finale Catwalks! It was so hard to choose from as their were so many lovely clothes but I managed to narrow it down to 6.

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As mentioned in my last post on Hull Fashion Week, this was my favourite outfit from the slot that I had to cover. I love the 1960's retro feel to this outfit, it reminds me of a coat I saw at the York Castle Sixties Exhibition which I posted about here. It's so summery and something you could definitely wear this summer. 
The second outfit I've chosen is also one from my slot. It's such a simple but effective outfit using monochrome which I think is in this season (it's in every season!). I don't normally love hats however I think this model pulls the look off great. Also I HAVE THAT AMAZING TSHIRT! 

If you know me you know I have a thing for polka dots so naturally I fell in love with this polka dot summer dress with lace trim. I feel this dress would be perfect for a summer's day picnic or walk in the park, who's with me?

I think this is a really great 'festival type' look that is really proving popular. I love the floral dress and the clash of colour with the red denim jacket. Also the jacket has tartan detail which I am always a bit partial to!

If my memory serves me right this was a rework piece, I think it is a bit short however it would be great on a hot summers day the lace and the floral and the dusky pink are so pretty!

The last outfit I have chosen is this brilliant casual vintage look, again a great summer outfit and looks effortless but still lovely. 

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