Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Charity Shop Haul | Clothes and Homeware

If you've ever had the pleasure of visiting the village of Cottingham, you'll know that there are two types of people who reside there: the elderly and students. I think this is why there are so many Charity Shops - but I'm not complaining as I have found some really great bits and bobs in this second-hand heaven. These are some of the bits and bobs that I have picked up in the past month or so.

Brand New Vintage/Retro Style Coasters - 75p each 
I picked up these really cute coasters that I presume are brand new. Coasters like this are normally at least £3.99 or above but they were all 75p each and I plan to stick them on my "wall of things" that I think every student has. 

I also picked up these cute scarves (£1.99-£2.99 each) that are perfect for all seasons. I especially love the orange one, I'm hoping it doesn't look too bad with my hair - if so I'll just find a "decor" use for it. (As I'm moving into a new house in August, I'm very into my "decor" at the moment as you will see) 

Dress - £3.99
Dress - £3.99

This gorgeous dress was only £3.99 and goes with my hair great. I love polka dots, as you may well have guessed and I'm adoring this mint green aqua colour at the moment.

Headscarf - 99p 

This headscarf follows the mint green theme and will also go lovely against my hair and it was only 99p!

Finally I bought this spice rack - bit weird but I plan to paint it to match my new room (I'm thinking pastel pink or white) and using it as a mini-shelf for lipsticks and other makeup items - it was £1.50 so a complete bargain 

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