Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Updates and Thank Yous!

I have been updating and tweeking my page a lot recently and I have finally got it to a point where I am content. I have even made an about me page, I am that organised. The only thing that is troubling me is that everyone seems to have a really cool blog name apart from me waaaah. :(
I would also like to use this post to thank everyone who has followed me since I began this blog. I am so shocked at how the number of followers I have has grown in this short space of time. Maybe it will die down, once you all realise how boring I am! ;)
I would also like to thank everyone who has left such lovely and supportive comments, there is nothing better than coming home after a rubbish day and reading someones lovely comment. 
To all of you who don't follow me, you should because I always check out everyone's blog who comments/follows, and 99% of the time I will follow you back.
So thank you very much to you all. :)
I have 2 posts in the pipeline but I don't want to bombard you with them, so look forward to them!

MUA Haul

I was a rather mardy moo today, as I was tired and I had a headache. But when I got home I found that my MUA order had arrived! I am so excited.

I realise this is another neutral palette; I have only got 2 by the way so I don't think this is really that bad. I have been wanted this for ages, but all the Superdrugs I have been to in the past 2 months have only had small MUA stands with selected items. The colours are just gorgeous and really pigmented and unfortunately I tried to swatch them all but the rubbish lighting in my house wasn't having any of it. I know there are a lot of reviews out there on blogs and youtube, so I'm sure you've seen it before anyway.

(From left, Juicy/Shade 15, Nectar/Shade 16, Shade 2) all £1
 I apologise for the fact that the first 2 shades look identical, but they are almost identical and the lighting is terrible in my house. I bought these 3 lipsticks because I had heard a lot about what good value they are for just £1. I bought Juicy because I really liked the colour and tend to go for orangey/red shades at the moment rather than pinks. I bought Nectar because I wanted a more nude shade, however although it's subtle, I shall still be hunting for a perfect nude shade as it isn't subtle enough. I don't really know why I bought Shade 2, because I already have a very similar colour lipstick and I rarely use it because of my red
 Blusher - Shade 3 - £1

I bought this blusher because my mum basically told me I was too pale, I have since worked out a way to use the NYC Colour Wheel, without it looking like I've been in my mum's make up bag for the first time. However I will still use this I guess, it is a lot more shimmery than the NYC blusher, so I think it will look quite "glowy" which is always nice.

 Matte Eye Shadow in Shade 19 - £1

I bought this to use on my eyebrows mainly, I really need to find a nice way to do them now they are growing out. I need to buy a thinner brush before I use this though because all of my brushes are thick ones. 

Have you bought any products from MUA? Which are your favourite? :)
Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Retro inspired outfit and makeup: Daisy playsuit

Seeing as I actually got all dressed up today and now I wont be going anywhere, I thought I would do an outfit/face of the day, because yeah.
 I am wearing different make up for a change yay!
Eyes: Stargazer Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Next Cashmere White/Off White Eyeshadow on the inner part of my eye.
Maybelline Colossal Mascara
Eyelure Naturalites Eye Lashes
Barry M Liquid Eyeliner in Black (to go over the eyelashes)
Professional Eye Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
Face: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair 
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Translucent
Lips: I'm really not sure the brand as my mum gave me this lipstick and the packaging is all worn off (that sounds discusting, but it smells okay, so it hopefully isn't out of date!)


 Daisy Playsuit - Primark (about a year ago)

Thanks for reading (:

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Glossy Box: First impressions and review

This post is a bit delayed, because I should have recieved it on Monday, however, noone was in so it was sent to the collection point, and to cut a long story short I picked it up on Wednesday, and was working last night, so tonight is the first chance I have had to get myself organised for writing this post.

 Here's the things I recieved. ^ 

I received (from left)
Dr Bronner – Lavender Hand Sanitizer (full size)
Como Shamhala – Invigorate Shower Gel
Bm Beauty- Pure Mineral Eye shadow in Storm Cloud
Awapuhi by Paul Mitchell – Wild Ginger Treatment Oil
Becca – Beach Tint in Watermelon

Dr Bronner – Lavender Hand Sanitizer
 I haven’t used this properly yet, but I was really pleased I got this in full size, I wasn’t expecting anything to come in full size as I had heard rumours that they pick the best items for the “famous beauty bloggers”. But anyway, this smells of lovely lavender and I am planning on putting it in my work bag because my hands literally get black when I am at work, so I thought this would be nice after using the horrible smelling foam soap we use.

Glossy Box description: A lavender scented hand sanitizer in a handy spray size, perfect to keep in your hand bag 

Como Shamhala – Invigorate Shower Gel I haven’t used this yet as I have about 4 products already open in the shower, although I have had a quick smell of it and it smells like pepper mint! I was a little disappointed with this one, although I will use it, but it’s a shower gel and not very exciting, sorry.

Glossy Box description: A revitalising blend of essential oils that puts you in a perfectly uplifted mood.

Bm Beauty- Pure Mineral Eye shadow in Storm Cloud

Again, I haven’t properly used this as I have been at school and I can never be bothered to mess around with eye shadow in the mornings! This is such a lovely colour though, originally I thought it was a silver/grey colour because of the name “Storm Cloud” but I think it has very subtle hints of khaki in it, I am really not sure, but it is a really pretty shimmery colour that I will probably use on my crease.

Glossy Box description: Award winning pure mineral eye shadow. Cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Awapuhi by Paul Mitchell – Wild Ginger Treatment Oil

I haven’t used this because I am always scared to use oil on my hair because my hair gets greasy quite quickly so putting “oil” on it would make it worse. I may try this on my ends and see how it goes, but I hate it when my hair feels heavy, so let’s hope it doesn’t have that effect.

Glossy Box description: Smooth and seal parched hair with natural oils and hydrating Awapuhi extract. Absorbs easily imparting a soft, silky texture and rich shine effect.

Becca – Beach Tint in Watermelon(I ‘swatched’, from left, a dot of it, 2 layers, and 1 layer)
This is the only product, so far, that I have used properly. I have never used a cheek/lip tint before; again I had been scared of them. I had a bit of a drama with it first so I will tell you that story. I thought I would use it really subtly on my cheeks, I had to be at school at 8:30, and it was around 8:00 and I was running a late anyway, I had just finished putting all my make up on, and then I went in with the cheek tint, and then, because it is a liquid, all of my make up kind of went patchy and congealed, so I had to redo one of my cheeks in like half a minute, it was terrible. My mum told me later that you are supposed to put it under your make up, but I have a severely red complexion anyway so I don’t think I will be doing that! Anyway, it isn’t all bad, I have been using it on my lips, it goes on and feels velvety soft, you can layer it up (well I have been doing) and it stays on throughout the day. I think this product is lovely, just to clarify, don’t let my morning make up drama put you off!

Glossy Box description: This award-winning lip and cheek stain blends beautifully to a non-drying, water resistant finish.

 I would just like to say thank you to Glossy Box for all these lovelies!

Thanks for reading :)

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