Sunday, 12 February 2012

Nautical Primark and Topshop Haul

Today I was planning on only buying make up, BUT as Superdrug didn't stock it. I ended up spending sometime in Primark. I feel kind of guilty as I am going shopping again, in Nottingham sometime this week, but oh well its not as if I haven't earnt the money. Anyway I wasn't sure on what to call this post, as I wanted to call it a haul, but 1. I didn't buy oodles 2. Can it be called a haul if it is not a video/on YouTube? That probably sounds so stupid but anyway, please tell me! 
Okay so first I got this bag, (I know it's not exactly nautical but yeah, later in this post is the nautical-ness). I have been looking for a new bag for ages, and this was on sale for £5 and I think I am gonna take it to Nottingham with me as it goes across and it quite big. There were other colours too, a black and brown one, a blue/green and black one I think, but I just liked this one haha. Oh this was from Primark by the way.

 I have these shoes in navy blue as well, but after I bought them I thought "damn I wish I got the black ones as well". I got them mainly for spring and summer, they will go with a lot of my clothes and they look really "sailor-y" which I love and yeah. These were £3 from Primark. I think they come in grey too, although I probably wont be getting those ones.
Firstly, I would just like to point out that I bought this in a size 20 because I wanted it to be baggier. I am wide, but I am not a size 20, yet.. Anyway, so yet more stripy madness! This is an oversized jumper with 3 1/4 length sleeves and it has navy and white stripes. It was £6 from Primark.
I was actually looking for some jewellery at this point, but I saw this and omg it is perfect. I love anchors and its blue and white stripes again yay! I just realised it says brooch, I thought it was a hair clip :( Hopefully I will make it into a hair grip. :) This was £1 in Primark, again.

Right, this is so weird. I got home and I found this in my bag. But I guess it was only £1 and I will wear it at some point anyway haha.   
I left these till last as they are the best purchase of the day. I bought these from Topshop, with a gift card my mum's friend gave me for my birthday (back in August!). I found this necklace and it is just perfect, and so cute. I have quite a lot of anchor jewellery, (my boyfriend has bought me most of it). I also got this ring, which is lovely. But I accidently got it in a large, so I am gonna try an exchange it or maybe wear it as a thumb ring. The necklace was £7.50 and the ring was £4. I wouldn't normally spend this much on jewellery for myself, but I did have a gift card and yeah. (I couldn't find the ring on the topshop website so I had to link it to another site sorry)
So that is it. I also bought a navy blue long sleeve top from Primark for £3 and some Max Factor LastingPerformance Foundation in 100-Fair. I haven't used this before so hopefully it will be good. I am yet to find my perfect foundation. I will hopefully do a review on it in a few weeks. :) Hope you enjoyed seeing what I bought and I hope I have inspired you to go nautical this spring! (omg so cheesy wha?). I am also going to do my first OOTD, later. Oooh exciting.
Thanks for reading :))

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