Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Wishlist | Dr Marten, Kreepsville and Hell Bunny

I know, another wishlist, how greedy and materialistic of me.

I have wanted some of these things for ages now, and now that I am earning a little bit of money, hopefully I will be able to treat myself :)

The first thing I would like is a pair of doc's, these I have wanted for absolutely ages. I am not sure whether to go for plain black ones or these matte grey ones, which I think are really pretty. 

This eyeball bag, is another item I've wanted for a while, it's from Kreepsville 666 and is about £24 or something. They do a green one too, but I like the red better, it looks more realistic in a way.

Kreepsville also do these gorgeous bone clips, they do them in white, green, pink, white with blood splats and some glow in the dark ones. I wouldn't mind having the white or the green, but any other colour I think would clash with my hair! I have wanted some for so long but I kind of refuse to pay almost a tenner for hair accessories. :( Although these are from Kreepsvile, you could get them off eBay or etsy once upon a time. I already have a pair of Skeleton Hand clips which are just gorgeous and I love them.

This Hell Bunny Sea Sick Sue dress is just gorgeous, however I only put this dress up to show that I do want a new rockabilly/fifties dress this year, but I haven't decided which one. I have a gorgeous Hell Bunny one already, that is blue with polka dots, and lots of other cheaper fifties inspired dresses and they are gorgeous.

Talking about the fifties, I would love love love a fifties style swimming costume, not this one in particular, but it was the only example I could find without it being a picture of someone. I really like the high-waistedness of them, and I think they would be quite flattering on my "fuller" figure. P.s don't know why this has decided to stretch/squash, sorry!

Hope you can make out this is actually a necklace, everyone has one of these, and I think they are perfect. Obviously I wouldn't wear my Skeleton Hand Hair Grips with them, it would be a little over the top.

These shoes are from Topshop, however I don't think they sell them in black anymore (only nude) so I will have to search on eBay, I love them though.

I would just love a pair of creepers. end of. haha.

I would really love to have a denim jacket in time for spring/summer, I have so many clothes that would go with one. It sounds silly as a lot of people have them, but I don't for some reason. Partially because most I pick up are too dark, or to cropped. I would just like a normal fitting one that is slightly bleach washed/lighter denim. 

This stripy blazer is perfect; I either want a black and white one or a blue and white one. I love wearing cute blazers in the spring/summer, and this one would be perfect.

Thanks for reading :)

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