Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My first award? :o

Firstly I would like to say that I have no clue on how this works really, so apologies if I do it wrong haha. I was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by Jess from jessicabow last night! So I would just like to say thank you to her and I am really flattered as I have only been on here for 5 minutes! So please look at her blog, it's lovely. (:
 I would also like to thank her, and everyone else, for actually reading my blog. When I started posting on here I never thought anyone would actually comment or be interested in what I had to say, but a lot of people have been leaving me lovely comments about everything and now I have won this, I feel really flattered and I would like to say I appreciate everyone who follows and leaves me comments. :) 

Rules of the honour
  1. Thank the person t hat nominated you with a link back;
  2. Tell 7 things about you; and 
  3. Pass this on to 10 newly discovered blogs and let them know they received the award.
I have already dont the 1st (Thank you again by the way), so I will get started on the 2nd.
7 things about me.
1. I am currently in my first year of sixth form and I study History, German, Chemistry and Biology.
2. I am an only child.
3. My natural hair colour is blonde, but I have had it red for over a year now.
4. I have a part-time job.
5. I bite my nails terribly.
6. I have an amazing boyfriend called Lewis.
7. I love anything vintage/retro, especially the 40's and 50's!

Here is a (very old, but my favourite) picture of Lewis and I if you actually care:

 Sorry for the lack of interesting facts but I can never just think of facts about myself on the spot.

The 3rd rule is going to be so difficult because I haven't been on here for that long and I think all the blogs and people I follow are lovely. 
So in no particular order:
1. 2girls1obsession
2. awaywiththefairiess
3. beautebelle
4. bohovanity
5. xosamanthagrace
6. thebeautyoflouise
7. rosannapiercemakeup
8. prettypaperdolly

Just to let you know, choosing those took me over an hour, so congratulations if you made my top 10. 
 As I said before, I haven't been on here that long so I feel I haven't made a really informed decision, but yeah.
I should also be doing a haul post later today about what I bought yesterday, and I may do a OOTD/FOTD, for yesterday, depending on if I finish my work for today (hope that made sense).

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Jess again for awarding me this!


All your questions, comments and feedback are greatly appreciated, thank you. If you have any further questions please email me at or tweet me at @yentruocfarrow because I will get back to you sooner

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