Wednesday, 29 February 2012

MUA Haul

I was a rather mardy moo today, as I was tired and I had a headache. But when I got home I found that my MUA order had arrived! I am so excited.

I realise this is another neutral palette; I have only got 2 by the way so I don't think this is really that bad. I have been wanted this for ages, but all the Superdrugs I have been to in the past 2 months have only had small MUA stands with selected items. The colours are just gorgeous and really pigmented and unfortunately I tried to swatch them all but the rubbish lighting in my house wasn't having any of it. I know there are a lot of reviews out there on blogs and youtube, so I'm sure you've seen it before anyway.

(From left, Juicy/Shade 15, Nectar/Shade 16, Shade 2) all £1
 I apologise for the fact that the first 2 shades look identical, but they are almost identical and the lighting is terrible in my house. I bought these 3 lipsticks because I had heard a lot about what good value they are for just £1. I bought Juicy because I really liked the colour and tend to go for orangey/red shades at the moment rather than pinks. I bought Nectar because I wanted a more nude shade, however although it's subtle, I shall still be hunting for a perfect nude shade as it isn't subtle enough. I don't really know why I bought Shade 2, because I already have a very similar colour lipstick and I rarely use it because of my red
 Blusher - Shade 3 - £1

I bought this blusher because my mum basically told me I was too pale, I have since worked out a way to use the NYC Colour Wheel, without it looking like I've been in my mum's make up bag for the first time. However I will still use this I guess, it is a lot more shimmery than the NYC blusher, so I think it will look quite "glowy" which is always nice.

 Matte Eye Shadow in Shade 19 - £1

I bought this to use on my eyebrows mainly, I really need to find a nice way to do them now they are growing out. I need to buy a thinner brush before I use this though because all of my brushes are thick ones. 

Have you bought any products from MUA? Which are your favourite? :)
Thanks for reading :)


  1. Hey, try shade 12 in the single eyeshadows its amazing! x

  2. I've never actually bought anything from MUA but I have been meaning to try one of their lipsticks :) x

  3. Gotta love £1 lipsticks! I have bought a few from MUA and love them. They are so moisturising and...just pretty. Love the look of the palette too xx

  4. they dont sell it here in ireland ! ive seen it on a lot of blogs and want that pallette so bad :'(

    1. Have you tried buying online? This is how I got hold of the palette :)


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