Monday, 20 February 2012

Review | Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation

I thought I would do a kind of review on the Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation that I bought a few weeks back. I don't know if you care for my opinions, or if I do this right, so please tell me yay or nay? When I was buying this, it was a toss up between this one and the Revelon PhotoReady foundation, however that one was slightly more expensive and didn't have a pale enough colour (boo!).

Okay, I would first like to say that I have (well I think I have) very "porous skin" as in my makeup seems to just soak in my skin, even if I put a base on first. I also have a very red complexion on my face, I have what is known as medically as very mild Keratosis Pilaris, I have this mainly on the backs of my arms, but it affects the skin on my face too; as in I have 2 red patches on each of my cheeks. I think I also have sensitive skin, also causing this redness, but I'm not really a skin expert, I rarely moisturise and I only wash my face with pure water (due to my sensitivity really) which is bad apparently.. Therefore (I am going somewhere with this haha) I tend to want a foundation that claims to have maximum coverage and lasts throughout the day, so my HUGE red cheeks don't shine through. 

I found this foundation, at least for now, achieves this. I have only been using one layer of this with powder and concealer, (as opposed to the foundation I was using before, of which I used at least 3 layers, and it still slid/soaked into my skin) and it does last all day. Obviously, I don't have a very active day really, I am fairly dormant as in I sit at a desk and write most of the time, however I did use it during various shopping days during the half term, and apart from a bit of shine on the nose, my skin looked OK. 

The foundation also goes on really well, it doesn't dry too quickly, before you can even blend it but it doesn't stay wet for ages either. It feels nice on my skin, it doesn't feel like there's nothing there, but it feels nice, (to be honest I prefer to feel my makeup, because it makes me feel better, than feeling I have a bare face but maybe that's just me).

I haven't decided whether I like the packaging yet, it is very compact and everything, I like that aspect. However, every liquid foundation I have used before has been from a pump. This allowed me to kind of measure how much I was using on the other hand the pumps eventually stopped working and I used to have to pour what contents I could into another bottle, which was a pain. I haven't obviously got to the end of this foundation yet, but hopefully I will be able to access more product because there's no pump system it is simply a "squeezy bottle" I guess.

Overall, this is the best foundation I have used so far, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has 'skin issues' like myself. I would obviously also recommend it to anyone else too! :D 

Also, have my face because this post is mostly text I apologise! 
 Thanks for reading :)


  1. I think i might try this out :)
    I have really red cheeks, pours & sensitive skin!
    I tried the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation because everyone was saying how good it was unfortunately it broke me out really bad.


  2. Squeezy bottles are so much easier to use, I hate that foundations like Estee Lauder don't come with a pump or a squeezy tube! I think it's probably more hygienic and you can control the amount that comes out.


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