Saturday, 25 February 2012

Vintage Haul + Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

Okay I have got a Glossy Box review/post coming up, but I am so excited at what I bought today so yeah. I went to Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair, and it was perfect.
 I got this gorgeous dress for only £7! It's not something I would normally go for but I tried it on and it was quite flattering on the curves shall we say. Although I have never opted for this style dress before it's my favourite thing and looks fab with my new heels.
 I don't like this dress as much as the one before, it makes me look wider, however I think if I find a belt to "nip me in" it will look okay, at £5 you can't really go wrong!
 I have been looking for a cream/off white cardigan for a while and I really wanted something to go with my summer/spring dresses, so when I found this, at £10 I got so excited because usually something like this would be £20+.
 At first I was a bit apprehensive about the baby blue colour, but I actually prefer this to the cream/off white cardigan now, because it's not as heavy and bulky, and it was only £5!
I was sucked in by the 3 scarves for £1 gimmick, however I love the mustard one and the blue one feels really "luxurious", the middle one is actually lime green, but looks white on here, and I bought it for my mum because, well, she likes lime green.

I really wanted some jewellery but although there were so many lovely bits, I never got round to actually buying any, I always think "Oh but what if there's something else that I like even more later..." Hope you enjoyed this post, I certainly enjoyed my day!

Thank you for reading :))


  1. nice blog)i like it) we may follow each other if u want) i'll be very happy) thank u)

  2. The cardigans are such great finds! I love the baby blue one, I can't believe it was only 5 pounds!!

  3. Great finds!! I especially love the dresses and the cream cardi xx

  4. I love Judy's affordable vintage fair! You found some lovely stuff xx


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