Friday, 16 January 2015

January Blues: 10 Tips For Improving Your Mood And Dealing With Anxiety

Suffering from anxiety and low moods is a hard slog at the best times of the year, let alone at this time of year. I personally hate this time of year; Christmas is over, there's not much to look forward to apart from getting back to the 'reality' of work, the weather is grey and dull and it's just generally a rubbish time of year for me. To add to this (and this may sound stupid and incredibly jealous) but due to the fact a lot of people are actually motivated by this time of year, my mood gets worse and adds to my constant worry of underachieving. I know a lot of people who feel the same (after scanning the internet), so I thought I would make a little post on how I personally pick myself up, motivate myself, in hope of helping others.

DISCLAIMER - These tips aren't to fix a long term problem but they do help. I guess you could consider these 'tips' as quick fixes but they still help all the same - and I like to think by doing lots of small things to improve your mood WILL lead to bigger and better things.

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