Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Pumpkin Queen!

If you follow me on almost any other social networking site, you might know that yesterday I dyed my hair! 

Changing my hair colour to ginger has been something I've wanted for almost a year and I finally (kind of) succeeded yesterday.
I did attempt it at christmas, however not enough of the red dye came out of my hair and when I dyed it a copper colour, it sent it back almost the same as it was previously.

I took pictures of (most) of the steps I took yesterday to get my hair ginger (well orange).

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Outfit | Dinner With Mum

I was supposed to go walking in Derbyshire today but I ended up not going. So instead of wasting my night off (I swapped shifts to go on the trip) I thought I'd go for dinner with my Mum. 

This dress, like yesterday, is from ASDA, it was £16 and I love it.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Outfit | Leopard Print Dress

I thought I'd do an outfit post seeing as I haven't done one for ages. Bare with me though, as I was trying out different places in my house to take the photos! Just realised I didn't take a picture of the whole thing collectively - I'm so stupid.

Also, the outfit it pretty basic, but really I wanted to show you my new dress that I bought from ASDA for £8! 

I look a bit strange in these pictures but oh well!

I'm wearing Helen É Cosmetics Moisturising Lipstick in Dusk on my lips - I got it in this months Glossy Box.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Top 5: Winter/Spring Dresses

Top 5: winter/spring dresses

Looking on the Topshop website recently, I've seen so many nice dresses!
I've recently purchased one similar to the second left (from New Look and slightly cheaper!). The middle one is also something I'd wear in the spring/summer. If I had the money and the figure I would definately indulge in the other 3, they are so nice!

Update | Going Orange and University..

I thought I would do an update post because I've not done one in a while.

As you may know already, I'm currently in my last year (or few months actually) of my A-Levels, and of course I'm hoping to go to university later this year. In January, I sent my application of to 4 places, 5 courses to do History. As of now I've only heard back from 2 of the Universities, one of them being Hull which was my first choice! Hull have offered me a condition place on both of the courses I applied for: History and History with Social History! So hopefully, if I work very hard, that is where I will be this time next year :D

yeah I totally instagram'd my letter like a cool kid

Sunday, 10 February 2013

January Favourites

A bit late, but oh well.

I was going to make the effort to photograph all of these but when I tried the lighting was all rubbish and the pictures turned out to be rubbish. 

Friday, 8 February 2013

February Resolutions!

Recently I've felt a lot more motivated to want to do work and do well, however there are still a few things I want to "clean up" about my day to day life. So instead of making any new years resolutions, I've decided, at least for this month to make myself a few goals and then (hopefully) make another post at the end of the month to see how I got on. 

I think I'm going to put 5 down, because that seems like a good number.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My name is Courtney and I am a size 16.

My name is Courtney and I am a size 16.
No, in fact I have clothes in my wardrobe, ranging from a size 14 - 20. However I have decided that this year, I don't care about sizes. I don't care for numbers; I just want to enjoy clothes that fit me and clothes that I feel good in.

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