Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Update | Going Orange and University..

I thought I would do an update post because I've not done one in a while.

As you may know already, I'm currently in my last year (or few months actually) of my A-Levels, and of course I'm hoping to go to university later this year. In January, I sent my application of to 4 places, 5 courses to do History. As of now I've only heard back from 2 of the Universities, one of them being Hull which was my first choice! Hull have offered me a condition place on both of the courses I applied for: History and History with Social History! So hopefully, if I work very hard, that is where I will be this time next year :D

yeah I totally instagram'd my letter like a cool kid

Also, I'm very excited that I'm (attempting) to dye my hair again next week. I've had red for nearly two years and I really need a change. I tried to change it, twice, before Christmas but failed miserably. I stripped it twice, the day before Christmas eve, and then dyed it with a Rusk Copper Blonde color, and it turned out RED. It was then a mad dash to Sally's on Christmas Eve morning to get more stripper and attempt it again, using more stripper and some sort of higher % peroxide developer thing (really have no clue what I'm talking about, my mum does it). ONLY FOR IT TO GO RED AGAIN! Yes it was more of an orange red than the blue-red I had - but I want copper hair! 
taken on New Years Eve - that shit is red, NOT COPPER grrrrrr.

So, on Sunday, after giving my unhappy hair a month off, I trekked to Sally's once more. This time I found a different dye, a brand I've not heard of before "Indola".

So, my plan is, to strip out what's left of this red (I'll stretch it over a few days, conditioning in between don't all go crazy on me guys), and then I think we bought a higher volume of peroxide/developer, to really get the colour going, so it actually looks like the picture below, rather than dark red! 

I'm so looking foreword to this change though, it sounds silly but me getting rid of my red hair will really lift a huge weight off my shoulders and I can actually move on from a lot of shit.


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  1. I've wanted copper hair for ages, my friend Emma has really nice copper hair and I think she uses one from Lo'real that's called mango copper or something x


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