Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Pumpkin Queen!

If you follow me on almost any other social networking site, you might know that yesterday I dyed my hair! 

Changing my hair colour to ginger has been something I've wanted for almost a year and I finally (kind of) succeeded yesterday.
I did attempt it at christmas, however not enough of the red dye came out of my hair and when I dyed it a copper colour, it sent it back almost the same as it was previously.

I took pictures of (most) of the steps I took yesterday to get my hair ginger (well orange).

 First I stripped my hair (twice) with Goldwell Colour Remover. I have to say, every time I've used this it's not stripped out as much colour as I've desired. I'm not sure whether it's because red is such a *excuse me* bugger, to remove or because I had a lot of colour build up but it just did not strip enough colour out (which is the error I made last time, at Christmas). 

I also will add that I put cling-film on my hair and added heat with a hair dryer - I have no clue if this helped, but my mum said it would! 


1st attempt
2nd attempt

I then bleach-bathed it (twice) which involved 2:1 shampoo: bleach ratio. 

1st bleach bath - sorry I didn't photograph the 2nd because it was late
Then it was time for the dye! 

it was sooo bright


avec flash
sans flash

Obviously, this whole process has dried out my hair etc. But, surprisingly it is still in quite good condition. I also have 3 different hair masks to put on it in the next few days - which I'm hoping to blog about!


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