Friday, 1 March 2013

Tutorial: Simple Every Day Look using Naked Basics

After nearly a years worth of umming and ahhing I decided to make another video. It's not a talky one - I just can't stand to here myself talk so I'm not ready for a talky video yet! So I thought I'd do a step-by-step eye makeup tutorial and let The Stranglers do the talking!

I'm not exactly great at make-up, neither am I adventourous any more! I stick to the same basics most days, but I thought I'd share with you a quick and easy semi-pinup inspired eye that I've been doing most days since I got the Naked Basics Palette. I enjoy wearing this look with a red lip and false eyelashes normally, however I filmed this before school and who can be doing with that shit at school! 

I've also got a list of other items I recommend for this look.
I used the Naked Basics Palette but, if you didn't necessarily want a matt finish you could use:
either Naked Palette
The Next Cashmere Palette which I featured in my first ever post!
Or if you're set on a matt finish but still don't want to spend £20 - the Sleek Ultra Dark Matte is also a winner!
Hope you enjoy the tutorial, please leave feedback either on here or on youtube! If you'd like a tutorial on anything else or have any ideas for another video I could do then please ask! 


  1. Love the Naked pallet! :)

  2. Haha one of my next posts is going to be a Naked Basics look! I love this palette!

    1. Nice, I will definitely be checking that out! :)xx


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