Wednesday, 6 March 2013

February Resolutions: The Results

So about a month ago I set my self a few goals to achieve in the month of February - click here to read the original post. I have been putting off doing this post because I think that I've failed miserably! However, maybe as I go through writing this post I may be a little less critical of myself. 

My five goals were: 
Be more punctual Be more confidentTake more care of my appearanceDo at least 2 hours independent study every night  Improve conversational skills

Lets start with being more punctual? 
Bloody hell Courtney! Nope I have totally failed this one, despite making achieving this a few times this month, I can not yet call myself punctual - damn. 

Well, I'm definitely not there yet. However I do feel like I've made a conscious effort at work to be a bit more approachable. 

I'm gonna use the excuse of taking more time on my appearance as my reason for being later (sneeky). Especially in the later part of February I have felt that I've been making an efforts with outfits and also my hair (I've got more enjoyment out of it since I've dyed it!). I haven't gone back to wearing false eyelashes everyday, but I'm not sure I want to go back to doing that because it costs a lot of time and money.

I would say I have achieved this, however there are still the odd days where I really cant be bothered. I am also the queen of procrastination (solving that is my next goal)

Nope! Still can't get my point across, I think this is just a very bad habit of mine (like my tardiness!)

I'm going to set myself some new goals, but in a different post (this one was getting a bit long)!


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  1. This is a great idea! I really need to set out a list of my goals and it makes them so much easier to achieve! xxx


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