Wednesday, 11 July 2012

DIY | Jewellery(or something else) Box

So as you may know I am in the midst of decorating my bedroom. I'm no DIY queen, but I do enjoy the odd bit here and there. So here is a very picture heavy tutorial for how I make cute, unique boxes for my room.

You will need: an old cardboard box, I used a shoe box, glue, tape and scissors, things to decorate your box with: I am using the left over wallpaper from my room but I have used wrapping paper before, and I am also going to use tissue paper. You can use anything you want really!

1. First work out how much paper you will need, it's a bit like wrapping a present!

2. Then start securing the paper with tape around the box. I would advise to only use tape on the inside of the box because it gives a nicer finish, if necessary you can always use the glue to help it stick to the box (I had to because of the thick wallpaper I was using).
    TIP: try and push the paper right into the corners (picture 3) especially if you are planning to put a lid on the box!

3. Continue fixing the paper to the box, the paper should theoretically fall into place the further you get.

TIP: If, however the paper does not "fall into place" and there are some odds and ends, you can always snip it into place (as shown below with my awk hand)

4. Finally, add the tissue paper. I glued around the edges of where the paper finished and "pushed" the tissue paper into the box. I also added more tissue paper over the top of the first piece after.

5. Your box is now complete! You can also decorate the corresponding lid to match the box like I did, or you can leave it open of course!

I am planning on storing the necklaces I rarely wear in hear and maybe some other jewellery. I am really pleased it matches my wall paper exactly and it virtually cost me nothing!

Hope you enjoyed my first ever DIY post, if I do any more little bits for my new room I am planning on putting them on here too!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Update | Instagram, Decorating and University

I thought I'd better do a little update post and double it up as a "whats coming next?" post.

So if you follow me on instagram (yentruocfarrow, if you don't!) you will see that I've been busy with decorating my room and everything else live throws like homework and university hunting! So yeah this explains my absence from blogging, but this is what I plan to do next on here:

  •  Sleek Eyeshadow Palette review
  • Makeup tutorial (just need to decide what)
  • Mini haul
  • A giveaway!

Thanks for bearing with me guys and thanks to those who have followed recently, I'm getting around to checking out your blogs and following back! :D

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