Sunday, 10 February 2013

January Favourites

A bit late, but oh well.

I was going to make the effort to photograph all of these but when I tried the lighting was all rubbish and the pictures turned out to be rubbish. 

Naked Basics Palette
Best thing since.. Naked 2! I really do adore this palette because sometimes I don't always like wearing the shimmery colours that come with the Naked 2 palette, I still love my Naked 2, but this palette is a lot more wearable and "plain jane"

Olay Essentials Smoothing Face Scrub
I bought this on a whim because my face had become really dry from wearing MAC foundation and also an unregulated skincare regime due to the excitement of Christmas! I always thought that face scrubs were for people with spot-prone skin so rarely used them, but this one is so affordable and perfect for dry patches. 

Aussie Frizz Miricle Dual Personality Anti-Frizz + Conditioning Milk
This has been sitting on my dressing table for absolute yonks! I think my mum bought me it the first time I frazzled my hair when I was about 14 and used to curl my hair every singly morning before school. If not she bought it when I first started to straighten my hair which was even futher back in time! But yeah I have only just started using it because my hair, once again, is in bad condition as I have been putting it into a "topknot/bun" almost everyday and that requires a lot of backcombing which damages, obviously.

 Anyway back to the product, this has really helped smooth the ends of my hair and also I find it good as a detangler, so I usually put this on before combing my hair through and then (if need be) again afterwards.  I wouldn't advise someone with fine hair to use this much though as it can weigh your hair down.

EcoTools 6 Piece Eye Brush Set 
I really wanted to get some new eye brushes because the only brushes I've ever bought have been for my face i.e powder, foundation etc. Which is silly, I know. I actually bought this off Amazon and it was around £7.50 which I thought was very good for 6 brushes. The brushes are really nice, as expected (I've used and loved EcoTools brushes before) and the case it comes with is also very handy as it keeps the brushes away from any nasties in my makeup draw (everything is covered in makeup and I know that is disgusting but I don't know a solution to this other than cleaning everything everyday) 

Nivea Pure and Natural Makeup Remover Wipes
These are so "liquidy" if you know what I mean. In the past the wipes I've used have been quite dry or gone dry once I've got to the end, however these ones haven't! They remove my makeup really well without pulling at my skin and I really do like them! 



  1. I really want a Naked Basics palette x

  2. Those eco tools look great and you can't go wrong with an UD palette!

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