Wednesday, 8 February 2012

First post | Lipcote, Next Cashmere Eyeshadows

This is my first post so bare with me :)
I wasn't quite sure on what my first post should be but I have decided on getting on with it and writing about a few products I have recently purchased. :)
Okay, so some things I purchased of eBay came in the post today and I'm really excited.
I'm so excited about this, even though it has obviously been around a while and most of you probably have already used it etc, I actually didn't know such thing existed until recently! I had heard a lot about this product on the internet, in makeup tutorials etc, which originally enticed me in, but I presumed it would be really expensive because there were so many people raving about it. I researched it to find that it was only £3.19 in Superdrug or something ridiculous (I got it for even cheaper off of eBay) so yeah I bought it and I am so excited for trying it because my lipstick never stays and I have to plan when I wear it like "Will I be eating whilst I am out?" "Do I have chance to re-apply?" etc etc. Also, my mum said that she used to use it (she used to be like the red lipstick queen srs) and obviously, mums know best! 

  The next item is kind of a repurchase. My mum got given a "Next Cashmere Gift set" a while back and I usually steer clear of any make up that comes in a gift set, but my mum told me to try the eye shadows that came with hers. It wasn't this palette it was a smaller version with less colours, but omg the colours are amazing and they last so long. They blend amazingly and are shimmery and catch light so well. So to cut a long story short, I tried to find that palette on the next website, but I couldn't, so I am presuming it has been discontinued, at least for the moment (perhaps they are only sold at Christmas). So anyway I managed to find this version of the palette on eBay, and I think I paid £5.50 for it inc p+p. I cannot stress enough how amazing this palette is, especially if you like neutrals that you can wear day and night. I guess it is next's answer to Urban Decay's Naked palette (which I am so wanting to buy, but £35 is a bit steep for me) I am so excited about using the new colours, and I am sorry about how rubbish the photo makes them look, it is really dark and cloudy today so there is no light. Hopefully I will be able to do some "looks" with them and show you them in daylight soon, because the photo really does not justify the colours enough - they are so pretty. Okay Courtney shush now...

Thanks for reading (:

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