Sunday, 14 October 2012

Life | Hull University!

So yesterday I went to the University of Hull open day and I absolutely loved it! 

If you didn't know already, I am hoping to do a History degree and then after going into teaching or journalism. 
The University has 2 courses which I would love to do; History (as a single Honor's) and History with Social History. I really love the fact they offer so much choice and flexibility and have such a diverse range of topics - which is important for me as I don't feel I can decide on one specific era or period of time.

Another thing is that they also have a good reputation for languages. I am hoping, wherever I end up studying, to carry on learning German and maybe re-learn French or even pick up a new language.

I also loved that the grades they require from you are achievable (most of the History courses I looked at were AAA or AAB - which is just not going to happen) and also that they look at you as a person and not just the 3 letters you produce.

So fingers crossed eh?

Are any of you applying to University this year? Any tips from those who have been through the application process and survived? 



  1. Best of luck with your applications :D

  2. I went to Hull, so if you need any help/advice just drop me a line!


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