Sunday, 14 October 2012

Velvet, fur and glitter - is it winter yet?

So I thought I would do a mini haul about recent purchases seeing as it's ages since I've done one! (also testing the "Schedule" thing on here as I am actually at work rn, I wrote this this morning mwahahah)

This Saturday was the first one I've had off for a while so I thought I'd spend my evening doing some online shopping!

Black Velvet Skater Dress - £12.99 - New Look
Originally (a week or so ago) I was planning on purchasing this dress because it's so simple but also very pretty and winter-y - however when I came to buy it the next day it had vanished and I later found out it was sold out - which absolutely sucks.

Black Velvet/Mesh Skater Dress - £6.00 (on sale) - New Look
However, whilst browsing the New Look website (again) last night I discovered this beauty! and to make it better it was one SALE! - I actually ordered 2, 1 in my size and 1 in the size bigger because it's velvet and that can be temperamental for curvy ladies! (Obviously I will return the one that doesn't fit)

Black Faux Fur Coat - £49.99 - New Look
I have been wanting a new fur coat for ages now and I always looked at the animal print ones rather than the plain ones but I saw this last night and it took me a good few hours to make a decision and swallow my thriftiness. I think £50 isn't actually that bad for a coat, especially one as gorgeous as this.

Silver Studded Loafers - £24.99 - TK Maxx
If you follow me on twitter or instagram you may have already seen these but I really wanted to put them in this post because they are so sparkly and winter-y! I was actually looking for some new boots when I saw the size 10 version of these and instantly fell in love at the same time as realising they were 2x my size! I then carried on round the isles and found the same pair - IN MY SIZE - it was meant to be?

Is anyone else excited for all things sparkly and glamorous this winter? xxx

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  1. Ooh I ordered the second velvet dress too! I was sure the price was a mistake so I snapped it up quickly!
    I'm so excited for winter, next on my shopping list is the annual new pair of gloves from Accessorize :D

    Mollie xo


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