Friday, 16 March 2012

Gig review: The Stranglers @ Lincoln Engine Shed

I apologise for, yet another music related post. I feel bad because I did make this blog for solely beauty related things. Anyway. I went to see The Stranglers last night at Lincoln Engine Shed. This was the second time I've seen them and they were equally amazing both times. I think I was the youngest there, which sucks and I saw these 40+ blokes looking over at me and laughing which also sucks. 
Anyway, here are the 3 best photos I took of the night - they aren't that special.

 Even though this is blurred, I really like this photo and it makes me laugh.

I didn't any good pictures of the rest of the band and I didn't actually take many photos, which is so unlike me. 

The Popes supported them, who I thought were really good and yeah. 
Mike Marlin also played, and he played last time I saw them too.

I also bought a t-shirt, because I regretted not buying one last time. I didn't buy one last time because I have a tonne of band tshirts that never get worn, which I feel guilty about. Most of them were bought in the "I'm fat so I can't wear women's tshirts" stage of my life, and now I feel shapeless when I wear them, also I can't find the clothes/accessories to go with them, so unfortunately they are just sat in my wardrobe :( BUT, I planned to get a t-shirt this time because I had seen a few of The Stranglers 'merch' if you will, and it had been in the colours I wear a lot of (black, white and red). Also this tshirt has a sexy lady on it with pretty knickers, whats not to love? Oh and also it's one of my favourite songs by them, soo yeah. I am aware that it gives me no shape, but hopefully I can wear it with something more flattering than I am wearing it with in this picture (baggy pjs!). 

P.s I also got this sexy bag, I know it's only a plastic bag, but I was very excited because I don't know, you can't beat a fun, novel (free) plastic bag! Well I guess you can; with a biodegradable/eco friendly one, but I will reuse this so it's all good :D


Again, sorry this isn't on what I normally talk about, I just wanted to share my night with you because I told you about it in a previous post! :)


  1. i love the stranglers, very jealous! and the t-shirt is cool, saucy ladies on clothing are always a plus haha xx


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