Friday, 9 March 2012

Belated February Favourites!

This is so belated, but I have been working a lot recently, and I have also lacked motivation ~ I'm sorry! 

Okay, so I know most people's favourites of the month type posts are of all things glamorous and quite expensive. So I apologise if you were expecting loads of Benefit mascaras and MAC primers, but I just do not own those sorts of products. 
I wanted to do an honest post about the products I have been using and loving.

1. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream for Stretch Marks.
Okay, I will openly admit, I have quite a few stretch marks. I used to use bio-oil, but it got quite expensive and I didn't really mind having them anyway, I still don't mind having them now for majority of the time. I saw this and it was a fraction of the price of bio-oil so yeah. The only thing that really annoys me about this product is the fact it has a pregnant woman on the front, and it is directly aimed to pregnant women. I would just like to point out YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE PREGNANT TO HAVE/GET STRETCH MARKS. Quite a lot of girls get them when going through puberty, so I think having a stretch mark cream directed only at pregnant women is wrong, and I have to admit I was hoping the woman who served me when I bought this didn't think I was "up the duff" in colloquial terms.
Anyway, back to the product itself. Unfortunately I haven't seen any improvements in my stretch marks, however that could be due to the fact I haven't been using it morning and night like instructed. It does feel wonderful on the skin, and sinks in really well (which I found bio-oil didn't, I always hated putting it on because it is, well, an oil..). It has a nice smell and I have even started putting it in places I don't have stretch marks because it feels so nice. :)

2. Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation.
I have been using this for around a month now, and I love it. I did a review-thing here.

3. Herbal Essences Ignite My Colour Shampoo and Conditioner.
I also did a post about them here.

4. Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm.
I love this. I have always had dry lips, and using Lipcote has worsened this. I used to think I had a really good lip balm but then I found this in my make up drawer and started to use it again, IT IS AMAZING. Anyway, I am sure you all know already. I love Nivea, I recently bought a few of their cleansing/toning/moisturising products, so I will hopefully write a post about those, in a few weeks. 

5. Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion.
I am also a big fan of Dove, I sound like a middle age woman now but they have the right idea anyway! I almost always get at least one Dove gift set for Christmas, and I love the giant moisturisers. I have really sensitive skin and even after I have shaved my legs, within a few minutes the bumps will start to appear! So usually I get out of the shower and lather them in this, and it works.  

6. Batiste Dry Shampoo - Original.
I think this is one of my all time favourites, ever. I have to be a bit careful with it now I have red hair, but I swear if you want to keep your colour, you're going to have to skip a few washes I am afraid, and this baby is so great! The only thing that p*ssed me off about this product is it used to be £1 a bottle, and then they changed the packaging and brought out other lines, and now its £2.99 a bottle! I have to be very careful now how much I use, but sometimes when my hair feels 'too clean' I spray a little bit in the roots to liven things up. Overall, I actually can't express my love this product, it's just my live line. P.S Dear Batiste, you made one for brown hair, please can you make one for red hair? xx

Hope you enjoyed my first favourites post, sorry if it was a bit too budget!

Thanks for reading :) 


  1. I've tagged you in the 11 Questions Tag! Head on over to my blog post for your questions :D

    Mollie xo

  2. I love dry shampoo too its my saviour! If you have any home bargains/quality save/bodycare type shops where you live have a look for batiste, its still £1.50 in there :) thank you so much for being my first follower! Your blog is lovely and i have some serious hair envy :( x x x

  3. I have used the cocoa butter lotion (I wasn't pregnant too), but for stretchmarks there's no cream that make it disappear but works only for prevention. you had to moisturize deeply all year round! following you.
    xxx check out my blog.

    1. I know there's nothing out there to completely get rid of them (boo) but I think it is meant to improve the appearance, I'm not sure! :)

  4. great review :)
    your blog is awesome!

  5. Like the look of the cocoa butter, want to try it out now xx

  6. love all these products and I'm a massive fan of palmers coco butter! Nice to see some products that aren't too expensive either:D! Great blog
    Hollie x


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