Thursday, 22 March 2012

Collective Haul: Preparing for Summer!

This is a day or so late, but oh well!

I thought I would show you some of my recent purchases that I have bought over the past 2-3 weeks. Most of the things I have been buying have been Mother's Day presents and my best friend's birthday presents, so obviously I won't show those!
 2 Pack of Skull Head Scarves - £2.50 - Primark
I have had a skull scarf for ages now as my nan bought me one like 3 Christmas' ago, but they seem to be all the rage now and when I was browsing in Primark I came across these gorgeous headscarves, 2 for £2.50! I have got quite a lot of wear out of them over the past week because I am trying to keep my hair in good condition and not use heat, so I have had a lot of messy bun days and headscarves/bandannas are perfect for hiding my icky roots as well.

Polka Dot Sunglasses - £1 - Primark
I also picked up these sunglasses for £1, I decided this year that I should invest in a pair because I never really wear them and I should because I find the sun really irritating. I haven't worn these yet but hopefully in the coming months I will.

Leopard Print Jacket - £10 (sale) - International
I didn't buy this straight away, in fact I went back and bought it on a different day. It was on sale for £10 in International. I didn't like it that much at first but it grew on me and I really regretted not buying it. Luckily when I went back they still had a few in my size! It's not too thick either, so I will be able to wear it this spring, oh and of course, it's leopard print so that's a bonus too!
Zebra Print Bag - £12 (sale) - International
My favourite purchase is this bag! I've been waiting for this to come down for ages! It was still a little high (for me anyway) at £12, but I treated myself. I love it.

Playsuits (from left) - £7 and £5 - Primark
I bought these lovlies for summer! One of them is intended for beach wear but I don't really care, I'll probably wear them with tights and cardigans when it gets a little warmer! These playsuits remind me of last years/this years Primark £5 summer dresses last year, I had quite a few I practically lived in them! The blue and red one was £7 and the sunflower one was £5. I prefer the blue and red one  because it's really 50's I think, however I prefer the sunflower one on my body because it's not such a clingy material.

Vita Liberata Tanning set- £10 (sale) - Boots
Me and my mum found this set of Vita Liberata Tanning Products(?) in the sale at Boots, so we decided to go halves. The set came in a black wash bag and includes Body Lotion, Body Polish, Tinted Self Tan, Shimmer Body Tint and a mitt. I have never heard of this brand but then again I'm not an avid fake tan person. I haven't used any of them yet because I am very pale and I think it would look weird if I had tanned legs and the rest of me was severely pale. I may do a review on them at some point when I pluck up the courage to use them, I will say though that my mum has tried them and with her having darker skin to me (years of gradual tanner), they looked really nice. 
 Thank you for reading, sorry for not being regular with my posts but A-levels are very demanding at the moment, and probably will be till late May :(


  1. I've read a few things about Vita Liberata! Supposed to be amazing, looks like a good set! x

  2. The skullhead scarves are awesome, I've been wanting a scarf with a skull print just haven't been able to find the perfect one! Those sunglasses are amazing as well!

  3. Everything you got is gorgeous! :) I have some of the Primark skull scarves but I might head in for the head scarves! Love the sunglasses as well! xx

  4. Loadsa great finds, can always rely on Primark :)

  5. i love your primark scarves! they are a proper bargain

    chlo @chlowitty blogs

  6. Love the blog dear (:

    Newest follower!!

    xoxo Effy


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