Monday, 19 March 2012

New Look: Maxi Dresses?

I am so excited for summer this year it's unbelievable. Last year you would have never have got me into a maxi dress! However there are some gorgeous ones around in stores right now and I was contemplating buying one yesterday as a walked round New Look with my Mother! Here are my two favourite in New Look at the moment. 

I always thought that they were all florally and floaty and girly, but these ones are so gorgeous! My favourite is the stripy one. I think it would look gorgeous with a denim jacket and huge heels, or even flip flops (I don't even wear flip-flops!). Another thing occurred to me about them, I wouldn't have to wear tights with them!
Last summer I spent the whole time in skin/flesh coloured tights, even when it was super hot and that was actually daring for me! (The previous summers I walked round in black hoodies and baggy jeans).
So maybe this summer I will be floating around in these gorgeous dresses who knows? The only thing I am afraid of is looking short and frumpy. I am not too tall at 5ft4 and I am not super skinny either, however I'm hoping these dresses will be flattering and hide a multitude of sins!

I know I am like at least a year late with this whole maxi dress craze but hey.
Do you own a maxi dress? How do you wear yours? WHERE do you where yours? (Another thing I'm worried about!)


  1. I love the little banner you have :3 so cuteee!

    I'm 5ft3 and now a size 18 (was an 18/20 last summer) and I bought a maxi dress from Primark to try last year and it really suited me! It was really flowy and felt so comfortable. I love both of them and the blue one would look great with a jacket, especially if you get a brown belt maybe to nip it in under the boobs? :] xx

    1. Awh thank you, and I'm definately going to buy one!!

  2. I LOVE maxi dresses, but surprisingly don't own any! Will definitely be getting some this summer!

  3. I love maxi dresses, especially that stripey one!! x

  4. i live in maxi dresses in summer they are so flattering and so comfy! :) love the stripy one! BUY! haha


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  6. I've never considered wearing a maxi dress. Maybe it's time for something new.. Btw you have amazing eyes! Sorry if that sounded weird >_<

    1. I'm in the same situation! Also, thank you very much x)

  7. I love maxi dress because they can look super cute n casual one sec then polished the next. Like you am only 5ft 4 but they can make you look supper tall! The pink n black on is stunning huni, and the high empire line should make you look taller rather than the striped one that cuts in at your waist. :) xx


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