Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Review | Collection Pressed Powder

I have been using the Collection (formerly Collection 2000) Pressed Powder for a while now and before that I used their Sheer Lose Powder. I've repurchased it so many times so I thought I'd share my thoughts on it. I use the shade Translucent and sometimes Ivory when I can't find the Translucent

Collection claims:
"An ultra fine powder enriched with silk and blended with moisturisers. Controls oil and tones down shine for a subtle matte finish." 

If I am honest, I can't see how a powder product that mattifies the skin can be also moisturising (can anyone enlighten me?), however I use powder to mattify my skin and not to moisturise it so it doesn't really affect me.

The main thing I love about this product is the colour (or, rather, lack of!). I have yet to find another powder (that is also cheap and cheerful), that suits my skin tone.  I have used Rimmel and Maybelline powders and they have been too dark/orange - even the "translucent" ones. 

Lasting Power
The lasting power isn't anything special, however it does the job for the most part and although I   get a little shiny on my nose, it is still pretty long-wearing and can last for most of the day. Although, that said my nose is pretty much the only place I get "oily", so if you do have really oily skin then I cannot say whether it would last on you. 

I don't use this product specifically as a pressed powder (e.g. with the sponge), instead I use a powder brush purely because of preference of using a brush, and I find it works just as well as a lose powder.
Cheap as chips
The price of this product is also very affordable. I have found different shops sell it at different prices but it is around the £2.50 - £3.00 range. It also lasts me a good few months - and I do use it generously everyday. 

I think that I could probably find a powder that gives me a better finish than this one, however probably not in this price range, and I do want to explore the more expensive brands of powder because I do enjoy having a "flawless" base for my makeup. 

Overall I believe this powder is good quality for the price and does the job. It is definitely one of my favourite products from Collection 2000.


Does anyone else struggle with matching powder to pale skin? What powders would you recomend?

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  1. I really like Collection 2000, is not the best makeup ever but it's good for the price! xx


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