Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Outfit | Denim Shirt and Loafers

I just literally through this outfit on and it ended up going pretty well. I'm going out for tea with my parents tonight and I only knew about this 20 minutes ago so I think I did pretty well. 
 Here is me trying to make myself look like I have  a figure! :L

 I got this in Berlin for €10 on sale, I'm so into denim at the moment omg. The shirt is a tad too big for me as I think I converted the sizes wrong! Oh I'm also wearing tights from Primark and a black skirt from H&M - one of the basics ones which are around £4-£5 I think. 
Denim Shirt - H&M €10

Loafers - £14 on sale at Next 

I have pretty basic makeup on - I'm wearing Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Nude Pink and a simple black stud (probably from Primark) and a silver stud in my second holes which is still the one I got pierced with as I can't change them yet 



  1. I love the shirt and what a bargain! your blog is lovely and you are gorgeous :)


    B xxx

  2. such a cute outfit, you are such a pretty lady :D love your blog! xx


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