Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Outfit | All Hope Is Gone

 Another outfit post, I hope you guys don't mind, I'm a bit busy at the moment with exams etc.  I have my first one tomorrow - German speaking! D:

 My Sixth Form outfits have recently been the same sort of structure, tight-fitting skirt, band-t-shirt and a knitted cardigan. 

It's finally cardigan weather again - woo! My sixth form actually do have a dress code but once I have the cardigan on, you can't see the shirt - I basically only have plain long sleeve shirts and it's too warm for those so I just throw on one of my many band t-shirts. 

Slipknot All Hope Is Gone Shirt // H&M Skirt // Black Tights // Primark Petrol Blue Cardigan // Lilley & Skinner Shoes // Primark Bow Earrings // Plain Silver Studs (ones I got pierced with)


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