Monday, 15 April 2013

Berlin | Day 2 - Sachsenhausen, Holocaust Memorial and Philharmoniker

Warning: This post is very blunt to begin with, at first I wasn't going to include the pictures I took at Sachsenhausen, however I think it was quite a significant part of the trip. 




It starts to get more horrifying from here.. 

 Trabi Safari!
Russian Embassy

 Holocaust Memorial
  Holocaust Memorial 

Berliner Philharmoniker

 Berliner Philharmoniker
Street view.

This was partially a serious day, although I'm glad I went to the concentration camp. It sounds really weird to say this but it really does change you and how you look at things. After we went there we had a walk round Berlin, went to another Italian, and then visited  the Holocaust Memorial. At night we went to a concert at the Philharmoniker, which wasn't my cup of tea if I'm honest - it was classical - but it was an experience! 

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More instalments coming soon!

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