Friday, 5 April 2013

Updates | University, Summer & Festivals

I have had replies from all of the universities I applied for now and I’m proud to say I got conditionals of everyone - I actually feel like I’ve achieved quite a lot because of that. I just need to get these exams right, so I can actually go.
This past year has been hell for me, for many reasons. But I’m looking forward to after my exam (regardless if I do achieve the grades I need) because then I can actually spend time with my friends and family. 
I also need to do the student finance thing, which I’ve been putting off! 
Lizzy and I last year at Download - back when I thought straight, angular eyebrows were nice!
I'm lucky enough to be going to both Download Festival and Leeds, again this year - which gives me something to look forward to. Although feel a bit uncomfortable saying that at the moment, as I still need to pay my friend for one of the tickets. I shall be going with Lizzy, to Download for the three days, just before the end of my exams (I have 1 exam after that) and I am so excited as I get to see Slipknot, a band that I feel have got me through a lot (ha soppy!).

Mother and I at Leeds in 2011 - I think the rain washed off my makeup that day!
 I am also going to Leeds for one day, the Saturday - which is also my 18th birthday! I have seen Green Day before, when I was about 13 and they were the first band I saw with my best friend, Lizzy so I feel that day will be pretty special. Also, System Of A Down are playing which should be amazing. I am a bit disappointed with a few things about Leeds this year, but I'll save that, maybe for another post. I am also spending that weekend camping with my parents and Lizzy which should be fun!


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