Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Outfit | "The Queens of Cartoon" Series - #3 Wilma Flintstone!

Number 3 in the Series is another firey redhead - Wilma Flintstone! She is actually so classy because she cooks and cleans in a white dress! I grew up absolutely loving this show and so I thought I'd have to include her. 

I couldn't find a nice one-shouldered dress so I just picked out this simple off the shoulder day dress. I think Wilma actually has stones around her neck but I always thought they were pearls. I know she doesn't wear shoes but I included this bright orange pair from Zara to match with the hair. And to complete the look, red lipstick!


Click here for Betty Boop!
Click here for Jessica Rabbit!

Can you guess who will be #4 in the series?


  1. hi courtney

    i've not long started my blog but your blog is lovely. this type of post is so different ...i really like this idea great idea. :)

    love claireefairee xxo

  2. Ahhh, I love this inspiration! Wilma is such a babe! Love that white dress.

  3. i've recently bought a pair of those shoes but in black, they are so comfortable, love the insperation x


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