Monday, 29 April 2013

Outfit | 1980s Throwback

So recently I've not had much time to be drying and styling my hair so I've been plaiting it at night, semi-damp, and then waking up to these luscious waves which have made me feel really 80's! 

Phew that's a lot of make up actually!

thigh gap yeah.. 

Simple Minds T-Shirt // Black Skirt - H&M // Tights - (gift but linked similar) // Mohair Cardigan Ebay - (Dominique Originally) // Nefertiti Necklace (gift again, from a museum haha) // Primark Big Gold Hoops // Plain Silver Studs (ones I got pierced with) // Purple Dr Martens - Ebay


I think this outfit it one of the best I've posted on here actually! I'm always nervous of doing them because I don't really put that much thought into what I wear and normally wear the same sorts of things. 
I actually have my Mother's Simple Minds '89 Tour shirt but recently my parents when to see them again and because I missed it (I was in Berlin - boo!) they bought me a new one! (:

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