Sunday, 1 April 2012

How To | Subtle red lips: for school, work or those not so daring days!

I created this post because I love red lipstick and I am the sort of person to wear it anywhere and everywhere. Luckily, my school, although strict on uniform, have accepted that I like red lipstick and *touch wood* I have never gotten into trouble for it. However I do know that a lot of you ladies can't always get away with it in 'professional' environments, or just don't feel daring enough to wear bright lipstick during your day to day lives. Sometimes I can't be bothered with the hassle of maintaining it throughout the day! So I am going to show you a really simple (an cheap!) way to tone it down, a little. 

Okay, so all I did was line my lips with Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Liner in Pleasure Me Red 547, and then filled them in. I then got my finger and blended out all the harsh lines, I guess you could be more hygienic and use a lip brush, but your fingers are cheaper ;). I then got a small amount of Collection 2000 Sheer Loose Powder and just swept it across my lips gently so as not to smudge the colour, using a powder brush powder brush (my new Eco Tools Retractable Kabuki Brush, to be precise) . And that's it! I would just like to add it stayed on all day and that was including eating some gorgeous chicken topped with bacon and cheese and BBQ sauce! 
The only thing that may cause a problem is that as there is no moisture in the pencil or the powder, your lips do feel quite dry, however I do suffer with dry lips and it didn't appear dry, I guess you could always go over your lips with a clear balm, or even put some balm on prior to doing this. 
I think this is a very versatile look and you don't have to use it with just red, you could do it with any colour!

Hope you enjoyed this "tip" post and you learnt a new trick. Unless everyone already knows about this trick (I apologise if you do!).

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