Thursday, 12 April 2012

50th post! + mini haul.

Ooh, this is my fiftieth post! I can't imagine how I have managed to write fifty posts about nothing, well in saying that, I can, I'm such a rambler! Anyway I went shopping for my Dad's birthday recently and I also picked up a few bits, mostly things I will be 'needing' over the next month as I will be up to my eyes in revision shortly and I wont be able to go out.
 Passion Flower Scented Candle - £1.50 - Primark
I've wanted a candle for quite a while now, I saw the Wild Berry Primark one a few weeks back and I loved the smell, however it was red and I'm currently collecting things for my new room and I want it to be really simplistic with only black, white and hints of hot pinks. This one smells just as nice.

 Boots Slant Tip Tweezers - £1.80 - Boots
One day I'm going to pluck up the courage (no pun intended) to buy decent tweezers and spend a fair amount on them, but for now I shall remain thrifty.

 Eau Roma Water -  £3.75 - Lush
I saw that this was for sensitive skin and was affordable and I've only tried it a few times, but it's really cooling and smells divine.

Eylure Lashfix - £2.99 - Superdrug 
I can finally start wearing eyelashes again! So far this glue has been fine, but I may do a full review in the future.

OPI Muppettes Mini Nail Lacquers -£3.75 (on sale) - Sally's
My mother and I went to Sally's to get my hair colour and my Mum treated us to these really cute Muppets Nail Lacquers. I can't believe how much they were reduced! 
From left - Wocka Wocka, Excuse Moi!, Warm & Fozzie, Better!

Black Knit Cardigan - £5 (sale) - Primark
 I also bought a few 'basic' clothes that I can throw on for sixth form.
Petrol Blue Knit Cardigan - £5 (sale) - Primark

White "floaty" vest top - £4 - Primark
Pastel Striped Tshirt - £4 - Primark
White Tshirt - £3 


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