Thursday, 5 April 2012

Pinterest Bandwagon; I have jumped!

I am proud to admit that I have jumped the bandwagon and joined/requested a membership of Pinterest! I did this for quite a few reasons:
1. To indulge in my need to try out almost all internet fads.
2. I like to look at pretty pictures of thing.
3. I am currently in the progress of designing a new bedroom for myself, so I need inspiration!
 4. I just like to be inspired by all the lovely things in the world.

I currently have 4 boards; Fashion, Beauty, Decor and Period Food.
I made a food board because I do love food and I never really get to "reblog" the lovely food on tumblr.

So yeah, follow me if you have a Pinterest please! If you don't, GET ONE/request an invite! It's like the no-nudes version of tumblr and it's really lovely. 

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