Friday, 13 April 2012

Dying Hair: Before and After!

I thought I would do a quick post on dying my hair. I can't tell you any techniques and my mum does the initial dying. 

 I'd just had my hair cut here so I thought I'd be vain and take a picture! I thought I would take a picture of my roots/regrowth to gross you all out!

My mum uses Wella Colour Touch and today we mixed two colours because I had some of my old darker red left but not enough to do my whole head so we mixed it with a lighter one. 
Because I had very light hair anyway I don't need to pre-lighten or bleach it, which is good. However you do need to use a developer with these colours but I'm not sure how many parts to each part or whatever as my mum does it! The colour I use is also a semi-permanent, my hairdresser told me that basically, because red fades like a b*tch anyway, you may as well go for a semi-permanent. The colour is also really conditioning, which is always good if you dye your hair regularly (although I'm lazy and never do it regularly).

 I wasn't going to upload this because of my huge forehead but oh well! Ignore the towel and stained gown!
My mum sections my hair off and does the roots first, if it needs dying all over she will then add more dye to the ends however if it doesn't need much dying she will just comb through the colour. Today it needed a good and proper dye!
I then wait for 45 minutes or so until I wash it. Washing it is pretty fun as it looks like a blood bath! Luckily, I find this colour doesn't stain my skin or the bath, however I know from experience most bright colours do, for example Crazy Colours (I remember when I died the bath mat a nice deep magenta!).
After shampooing it twice, really well, I condition it, but that's a given really. This time I used Herbal Essences Ignite My Colour however I have used other brands that work just as well for me. 
After I get out of the shower I go around my hair line and ears with a cotton wool ball/bud(?) and hair spray to remove any colour that is still on my skin. 
And then I just blow dried it!
Here is the "finished" result, however ironically in the before picture it looks brighter! 

I hope you liked this short post! It isn't very helpful if I am honest as I am no hairdresser, but I felt like making an account of how I do it! P.S if you are a hairdresser, I apologise as you probably thought this post was me just talking a load of rubbish! :)

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