Sunday, 6 May 2012

How To | Retro, Pin Up Inspired Makeup

Hello :) So as I posted a few days ago that I was going to do a little makeup video thing. So here it is! It was really awkward filming it and I had to do it in 3 stages because of the storage on my memory card. 
To be honest I hate videos where no one is talking and the footage is sped up, however I really didn't want to talk on the video because I just sound silly and I had to speed it up else the video would be about half and hour long! 
So I hope you like it, I'm not sure if I even do yet and I may even take it down I don't know :)


Thanks for reading and if you watched, thanks for watching :)


All your questions, comments and feedback are greatly appreciated, thank you. If you have any further questions please email me at or tweet me at @yentruocfarrow because I will get back to you sooner

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