Saturday, 5 May 2012

Review | EcoTools Bamboo Brush Set

I recently invested in some more EcoTools brushes, yay! I was so impressed with the Kabuki brush I bought last month (click here) that I thought I would check out the rest of their range. I intended on buying 1 brush, however I couldn't decide on which one, so I bought the Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set which at around £15 would be cheaper in the long run.

So here they are all nicely slotted into their travel/makeup bag

The 6 Brushes are:
Blush Brush
Eye Shading Brush
Eyeliner Brush
Lash and Brow Groomer
Concealer Brush

You also get a gorgeous cosmetics bag which has a zippy compartment, a slotty compartment and a vecro-y bit! Which is always good!

Blush Brush
 Although I have been using this as my powder brush because I had been using my Kabuki with my MAC Mineralize skin finish and I didn't want to "glitter up" both of my powder brushes so I will have to wait until I can wash them both until I can swap them. This is so so soft on your face though!
Concealer Brush p.s if this is the Eye Shading brush don't hesitate to correct me!
 I never really thought of the idea of a concealer brush but it really helps! I am currently using Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer which is a liquid and it works really well. However today I used it with the Collection 2000 cover stick, which is a cream/solid stick and it worked well when I dampened the brush.

Eye Shading Brush - again if this is actually the Concealer Brush..
 I haven't had too much practise with this yet as I don't wear too much eye shadow to school but so far it has been great and easy to use.
Eyeliner Brush
 As I use an eyeliner with a built in brush, and I do prefer and I liner with a brush rather than an angled tip, I have been using this for my brows instead. I basically fill them in with Rimmel Professional Brow and then take this brush and blend in the waxy-pencil. I have also been adding a touch of MUA matte eye shadow in Shade -- to blend further if need be.
I think this brush will be very versatile for me as I can use it for brows, eye liner and eye shadows.

Lash and Brow Groomer
 I have dozens of these lying around but they are all kind of old and wrecked, e.g. the teeth out of the comb have been chipped or the bristles are all harsh and horrid. I usually use an old mascara wand that my mum gave me as my first adult make up tool when I was like 10 years old! I found this really easy to use though as it is a lot bigger and longer than the ones I have had in previous years!

Lastly the bag is gorgeous and perfect for overnight stays and weekends away (not that I partake in those kind of things at the moment :[)
The bag opens up into a zippy bag type thing
But you can also wrap your brushes with the velcro-y thing - all snug!

I tried to make this a short post but I really wanted to show you all the pictures of the brushes and tell you about how I've been using them. I would also like to add, the reason I chose this brand to start my Brush collection, if you will, is because it supports a lot of things I believe in e.g. conserving the oceans and wildlife etc. Of course I'm sure everyone supports those things but anyway, read more on their website, which is lovely also.


  1. the best 4 me ( foundation & eyeliner ) brushes

  2. I have a couple of these brushes too there great and good value too Xx


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