Friday, 4 May 2012

General Chit Chat

I have been wanting to do a makeup/get ready with me video for ages. I have Wednesday mornings "off" and I usually plan on Tuesday night "yes, yes I'm definitely going to film one tomorrow" but then life gets in the way like, it's raining so there's no decent lighting, my dads at home (I can't film whilst my family are in because they WILL come in and wreck it), I've had work to do, I've been put off because I don't want to be scrutinised in the world of YouTube. 


Tomorrow my parents are away for the weekend so I will have the house to myself, also I have a day off tomorrow as I swapped my Saturday shift for another girl's Sunday. 

SO I am planning on doing a small video on either my day to day makeup or "going out makeup" (even though I never go out anywhere at the moment very much). It would basically be a simple "pin up" "retro" look although I don't like to call it that too much because I don't think I am "pin up" or "retro".

So what do you think?
If you're thinking "YES, I would love to see you transform your face" (probably not) please comment and tell me. I think I'm gonna go for it anyway so yeah :)

This is probably the sort of make up I'll be doing but with a few differences and more eye make up and better brows!


  1. I think you should do it!
    Your make up is great and you are beautiful xx

  2. You should definitely do it! :) xx

  3. Do it :) Love your lipstick in this photo xx

  4. Aw thank you everyone, I just videoed it and I am planning on editing it all and uploading it tonight, so hopefully it wont take me too long and it will be up by this evening :) x


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