Friday, 10 April 2015

Why You Should Start Shopping Second Hand.

A lot of people turn their noses up at buying second-hand clothing and would be embarrassed to be seen walking out of a charity shop (thrift store for those friends abroad, but I'll stick with charity shop throughout!). However with the upsurge of the vintage trend in the past few years, charity shops are proving to be more popular among the younger generation and the shops themselves are beginning to re-brand themselves to be more appealing. At least in the areas in which I live charity shops are becoming less like a jumble sale of golf jumpers and more like lovely havens of retro-ness - which of course is up my street. I've been dabbling in charity shopping for the past 2-3 years of my life, especially since becoming a student and have found some amazing things. If you've not yet converted to 'thrifting' then here's 5 reasons you why should start buying second hand...

1. It's Cheap.

It's no secret that charity shops are extremely affordable and not only is this perfect if you're a student, it's perfect for anyone who wants to save their cash and do some guilt free shopping!

2. You can find some unique pieces.

Charity shops are a great place to shop if you're looking for something a bit different and not something you'd find in a high street store. There's usually so many trinkets and lovely home-ware that have a lovely vintage feel to them and although you might have to rummage through 10 garish jumpers you may find that one you're after!

3. More shopper satisfaction.

The fact you have to root through a lot of stuff does make 'thrifting' a slightly more harder task, however this isn't a bad thing. When you do find that hidden gem, it will be so much more rewarding than if you just walk up to a rail in Topshop.

4. You're saving the planet.

You're giving old items a second chance and saving them from going straight to landfill - which is good for everyone really! If a substantial amount of people bought second hand it would create less of a demand for brand new products that are using (and wasting) our planets scarce resources - which again, is better for everyone!

5. You're helping a charity.

Last but certainly not least, you are helping a charity (or several) and this will not only give you a glowing feeling but also will help people who are in need - again better for everyone! 

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