Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Catch Up: University, London and Giving Up Meat

So February has been and gone and I cannot believe we are already in March. I also cannot believe I am now officially half way through my degree - and that thought makes me want to cry. 

So how is my degree going? Well as you can probably witness from my lack of blog posts I have no free time anymore, I am either in the library, at work or sleeping. In all honesty second year is exhausting and I would pay good money just go back and spend a day as a fresher again. Second year has been very stressful so far and has resulted in me mostly hiding away in my room or in the dark corners of the library most days and nights. However, the hard work has paid off and I have just received a 1st over all for last Semester. 

In February I went brunette (well it's still a kind of red colour but it will eventually be a 'true-brown'). It's very weird being able to pick up a red or pink dress and think 'I can wear this now!'. Although, in saying that, I have not yet kicked the habit of buying only blue and black clothes.

Also this month I decided to give up meat for lent. Admittedly, I did fail at the first hurdle (on Ash Wednesday of all days) after a drunken trip to the take-away. I completely forgot and I was half way through my 'PC of chicken' when my boyfriend reminded me. But since then I have managed pretty well!

On Valentines Day/Weekend, I visited London with my boyfriend and parents which was lovely. I have never visited London in a solely 'tourist' situation so it was lovely to just wander round, look at things and be an annoying tourist. A blog post full of all my photos will be on here shortly!

So changing the subject back to blogging, I am awfully sorry that life has kind of gotten in the way. I presume this will be the case until I finish my degree now but hey-ho. I am also hoping to get a new camera soon so I can film more tutorials as sometimes that is easier for me to do than sit down and write a post after a day of writing essays and reading journal articles! My aim is to post at least once a week/week and a bit so keep your eyes peeled!

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