Friday, 18 July 2014

Travel | Hull Street Life Museum

Hull Street Life Museum of Transport is situated in the Museum Quarter of Hull and contains various transporting wonders from late 19th century horse drawn carriages to the 1970's chopper. Transport museums always produce images of boring museums with train after train after train with a bunch of 'anoraky' people stood around who know every last detail about each model - however I think this museum is an exception and has given me a different, less judgemental view of transport museums! Amazingly this museum has free admission even though it's full of 20th century buses and trams that really give you a taste of the 'olden days'.  Admittedly everything is a bit mismatched in some parts of the museum like the wonderfully detailed Sicilian cart that appears in the middle of the museum but nevertheless I think it adds to the charm of the collection. There are many local artefacts in the museum too including the Cottingham North signal box! This is such a great day/half day out for the family as it's free and fairly interactive as kids can board a lot of the vehicles and enjoy a horse-drawn cart simulation!  Just be sure not to forget your dividend card when you walk down the quaint 1940's street and visit the Co-Op!

 I do enjoy a good museum and I love doing these posts and displaying my photography - do you enjoy them too or is my historical side boring and 'anoraky'?  
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