Thursday, 17 July 2014

Lincs Blog Meet | Beauty Swap

This is my last post on Lincs Blog Meet - I know 4 posts for 1 day may be slightly over the top but I had good reason as I wanted to really show off the products and the event without skimming through without giving the day justice. The final thing of the day was the Beauty Swap which (if you're not familiar with this type of thing) entailed everyone bringing in their unwanted full size/sample products in and swapping them for other people's unwanted products. I brought in so many samples that I had never used from my Glossy Box phase and got about 12 'swap tickets'. Here's a list and links (where possible) to what I got:

  • 2 gorgeous soaps 

I don't know what brand they are as they were in sandwich bags but they smell and look divine!
Marc Jacobs is my favourite perfume brand so I was so pleased to grab this
Love this product and it now sits on my bedside table
Smells gorgeous! 
I've  always wanted to try some out but I wouldn't actively buy them so this was a great opportunity. 

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